Why do I Need Subdivision Approval?

Anyone seeking subdivision approval in Peachland needs to demonstrate that the plan will conform with accepted Municipal Standards. These have been formalized in the Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw and the Zoning Bylaw and cover matters related to:

  • size and shape of lots, and adequacy of buildable area;
  • adequacy of roads, lanes and emergency vehicle access;
  • adequacy of water, sewers, street lights and other services;
  • provision of parkland, open space and walkways;
  • protection of natural features such as steams;
  • natural hazards such as flooding, erosion, landslides or avalanche;
  • compatibility of overall subdivision pattern with the neighborhood;
  • protection of lands adjacent to or beyond the lands being subdivided.
  • The Subdivision Development and Servicing Bylaw also contains provisions allowing the Municipality to require sidewalks, underground services, and other off-site upgrading. Development Cost Charges are levied on subdivisions in specific areas and size.