Implementing your Subdivision

At this stage, the applicant will have to retain a British Columbia Land Surveyor to prepare the legal subdivision plan. If construction is required, a Professional Engineer must prepare construction plans for approval. The applicant must also obtain approval for design of water and sewer systems from the responsible authorities.

After approval for construction plans, the applicant makes arrangements to have construction carried out under the supervision of a Professional Engineer.

Once all requirements have been attended to and construction is completed, arrangements can be made with the Director Planning and Development Services for bonding. The applicant may wish to apply for Final Subdivision Approval before construction is completed. The applicant is then required to post a Performance Bond to cover the value of construction not completed and enter into a Performance and Maintenance Bonding Agreement with the District of Peachland (125% of the estimated value of the required construction).

Application can then be made for final approval of the survey plan (linen or Mylar transparency). A British Columbia Land Surveyor must prepare this plan. Any necessary right-of-way agreements and covenants are submitted with the survey plan. The plan must contain the signatures of those parties with a registered interest in the land.