Citizen's Survey-2016

Citizen Survey Results - 2016

The results of the Citizen's Survey have been complied and are available to view by clicking here 2016 Citizen's Survey Results

2016 Citizen's Survey Winners!!

We had a good response rate to the Citizen’s Survey, with 311 people of those that were invited to complete the random survey, doing so. This provides for a 95% confidence interval – in other words, we can say the survey responses are accurate within 5.4%, 19 times out of 20.

Nine lucky survey respondents won prizes for their participation. Pictured below is Catherine Gnuis accepting a $50.00 gift certificate to The Blind Angler, presented by Mayor Cindy Fortin. Survey results are being tabulated, and will be available for the community to view in August.

Catherine Gnuis and Mayor Cindy Fortin