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Access to Free and Clean Drinking Water

May 13, 2017

Peachland Residents Can Access Free Water from West Kelowna Bulk Water Station

Free water is now available until further notice to Peachland residents at the City of West Kelowna’s bulk water station at Shannon Lake and Asquith Roads. West Kelowna Council directed staff to refit the station to allow access to free water given current Water Quality Advisories affecting the Pritchard, Sunnyside and West Kelowna Systems in the City of West Kelowna and the Tsinstikeptum 9 System in Westbank First Nation. This service has now been extended to Peachland residents, currently under a Boil Water Advisory. The station provides water treated via the state of the art Powers Creek Treatment Plant, which uses methods including filtration, UV radiation and chlorination.

Water systems in the area have been experiencing above normal turbidity, due to rapid seasonal runoff over the past week.

Water can be accessed at a tap located on the Asquith Road side of the station. Users need to bring their own containers, and hoses if needed, and ensure they are clean and suitable for potable water. The free access is granted for the duration of the current water quality advisories.

The bulk water station opened in May 2013 and was built as means of providing contractors an alternative to using fire hydrants. Residents without access to a municipal water system were also able to sign up for a fee. However, when water quality advisories are in effect, Council directs staff to enable free access to the clean, potable bulk water at the station.

Media Contacts: Kirsten Jones, Communications Supervisor City of West Kelowna 778-797-2253

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