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Below find clickable links to those applications required to do business within the District of Peachland. A valid Business License is required before business can be conducted in Peachland.

Only Complete Applications will be reviewed.

Business License Application Package 2015 - Standard Application for Commercial, Home Based, and Inter-Municipal Businesses.

Sidewalk Patio Application Package

Seasonal Mobile Vending Application Package 2015

- Application for mobile retail, service, or food vending from May1st to November 1st. Mobile vending means an independently operated vehicle, structure, or mobile apparatus occupying public space, typically for the purpose of providing retail products or services for commercial sale by a business entity.

- A mobile vending application must be accompanied by:

  • A letter of intent that includes the hours of operation
  • A Photograph and/or illustration of the service cart to be used for vending including the dimensions and aesthetic qualities (colour, logos etc.) of the proposed cart.
  • The services or products that the applicant will be providing to customers should be explained and examples given.
  • Fees that must accompany an application are:

  • $50 application fee
  • $200 Security Deposit
  • - A business license application is also required. Please download from the link above. Business license fee for Mobile Vending is $300 per month of opperation.

    A sign may be required for a business. If so, the District requires that an application be submitted for assessment and approval prior to the installation of any signage.

    Sign Permit Application Package

    For further information on Business Licensing click here.


    A Building Permit application must be completed and approved before any work can take place if you are doing any of the following:

  • New construction
  • Building renovations
  • Moving a building
  • Erecting a temporary building
  • Demolishing a building
  • Building Permit Application Package

    For further information on building within Peachland please consult Building Bylaw No. 1574

    A Driveway Access Permit may be required to establish access to a property. If so, the District requires that an application be submitted for assessment and approval prior to the construction of a driveway for access.

    Driveway Access Application Package

    For further information regarding driveway access requirements please consult Driveway Access Regulation Bylaw No. 1231


    Removing soil from a property within the District of Peachland requires that an Earthworks Permit has been obtained from the District's Public Works Department. For further information regarding the removal of soil, sand, gravel rock or other substance of which land is composed from a property parcel please consult Soil Deposit and Removal Bylaw No. 1934

    Earthworks Application Package

    Blasting within the District requires that a Blasting Permit be obtained from the District's Public Works Department. For further information regarding blasting within the District please consult Blasting Regulation Bylaw No. 701

    Blasting Permit Application Package


    An application is required for Development Permits, Development Variance Permits, Rezoning, OCP amendments and Subdivision. Please find the application packages necessary for these aspects of development below. For further information regarding development within Peachland please click here.

    Development Permit Package 2015

    Rezoning and OCP Amendment Package

    Subdivision Application Package


    Please find a list below other commonly requested permits. For further information relating to the permits above please consult the applicable bylaw by clicking here.

    Open Burning and Burning Permits

    7-day Hydrant Use Permit

    Oversized, Overload Vehicle and Road Closure Permit

    Tree Cutting Permit

    If there may be any questions relating to the permits please contact the department responsible for issuing the applicable permit. For contact information click here.


    Dog Licencing

    Green Credits Application

    Outdoor Burning Information

    Request for Access: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

    Underground Sprinklers and Water Restrictions