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Street Sweeping


The following will provide some basic information on how the roads are cleaned by the District of Peachland during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. District street sweeping and flushing is provided by a contracted service through a tender process

Street Sweeping

Spring Street Sweeping priorities

Spring Street sweeping commences late February weather permitting. The Downtown core, main streets or "arterials" are completed first. Street sweeping priorities are based on the volumes of vehicle traffic on roadways where winter road sand may generate excessive dust.

Once all the snow and ice has melted from the road shoulders and curbs, the Spring Sweeping Program is started aggressively. The street sweeper contractor sweeps all areas of the District of Peachland as quickly as possible..

Equipment used to sweep streets

The street sweeper is mechanical pickup broom-type machine that uses two gutter brooms to direct the sweeping material into the path of the rear broom which sweeps the debris into the hopper. The machine sprays a fine mist of water ahead of the broom to suppress dust as it sweeps.

Prepare for the Spring Sweeping

Property owners are encouraged to sweep all debris that may be on the sidewalk that borders your property before the roads are swept by the street sweepers. Your cooperation in removing all vehicles from the street to enable the street sweepers to clean the entire street is greatly appreciated. By doing this we can avoid having those annoying missed spots in your neighborhood.

Help the District do a good job!

One of the main obstacles for equipment operators is parked vehicles and recreational vehicles. Once the street sweeping program starts, remove your vehicles from your street, cul-de-sac, or alley until the roads are swept and washed. That will allow the operators to do a much better job.
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