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There are two aspects to water quality:

  • Safety
  • Appearance (cloudiness)

It is against the law to knowingly deliver non-potable water to the public. In the event of a disinfection system failure or any other situation that might put the safety of the water supply in question, a boil water advisory will be issued immediately.

Despite limited source water protection in our community watershed, and seasonal variability in colour and turbidity, the District has been able to operate and maintain our water treatment system with no reported health problems.

This is to the credit of the water system operators and the close partnership with the local health authorities. The District has invested heavily in disinfection and monitoring systems to ensure the water delivered to you is safe to drink. Specially trained certified water distribution system operators make sure the system is maintained and operated properly. Monthly water quality reports are sent to the local health authority and the local Health Officer regularly samples the water supply to both audit the District's performance and add another layer of control over the safety of the water supply.

The District is committed to finding ways to improve the protection of our source water through better regulation of the many activities occurring within our crown land watershed. Reducing the likelihood of source water contamination through regulation of watershed activities adds another barrier to the multi-barrier approach to public health protection and enhances the safety of our water supply.


  • Checks are done daily
  • Water is sent to Lab for evaluation weekly
  • Health Department monitors via weekly lab results and monthly reports.
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