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Committee Appointments

Regional District Director and any Regional District Committees
- Mayor Keith Fielding, Alternate Councillor Condon

Okanagan Regional Library Board
- Councillor Schierbeck, Alternate Councillor Fortin

School District No. 23 Liaison
- Councillor Fortin

Kelowna International Airport Advisory Committee
- Councillor Moberg, Alternate Councillor Schierbeck

Peachland District Retirement Society Liaison
- Councillor Moberg, Alternate Councillor Kerbes

Peachland Seniors' Support Society Directors
- Mayor Fielding, Councillor Kerbes, CAO Elsie Lemke, Gordon Harris, Sharon Hallburg

Economic Development Committee
- Councillor Shierbeck, Councillor Fortin, Moe Martin, Rob Campbell, Tony Chadwick, Darci Yeo, David Stuart, Gord Thorne, Charlette Broadoway, Terry Tanner, Ted Worobetz, Steve Allison, Chris Byrd, Council Alternate Councillor Moberg, Chamber Alternates Kale Wallgren and Gabriele Haas

Primary School Implementation Committee
Mayor Fielding, Councillor Condon, Councillor Hall, Gabriele Haas, Judy Wyper, Richard Smith, Loretta Robinson, Suzanne Dannenberg, Craig Monley, Diane Entwistle, Darlene Hartford, Chris Byrd

Highway 97 Committee
- Councillor Condon, Councillor Hall, Councillor Schierbeck, John Abernethy, Phillip Siepp, David Matthew, Bob Wells, Terry Tanner, Council Alternate Councillor Moberg

Mayors Task Force on Climate Change
-Mayor Fielding, Councillor Kerbes, Patricia Guest, Chris Muendel, Mike Seibert, Bert Put, Carson Todd

Advisory Planning Committee
-Gord Thorne, Greg Byrnes, Cecile Guilbalt, Bill Lemon, Moe Martin

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