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Open Burning and Burning Permits

Effective Friday August 22th, 2014 Campfires ban has now been lifted within the District of Peachland

Permits can be obtained during regular office hours at the Fire Hall. We like to remind residents campfires must not create nuisance smoke and only untreated, seasoned firewood may be burned. As well, a campfire must be continuously controlled and supervised by a competent person that has materials or equipment to extinguish the campfire. At this time open burning is still not allowed.

For more information on local wildfires check out Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Page click on the link below

CORD Emergency Operations


Outdoor Burning Information

Open Burning is permitted on residential property that is one hectare or more in size during the burning season (generally October 15th – April 15) and is regulated under the Fire & Life Safety Smoke Control Bylaw 1718.

Open burning is permitted only when venting and air quality are favorable and it is the responsibility of the permit holder to check the conditions at 1.855.262.2876 (BURN). This number will advise if open burning is allowed on a particular day. Both the Venting and Air Quality must be good in order for burning to occur within the Central Okanagan fire jurisdictions.

A resident can obtain an “Open Burning” Permit for property within the District of Peachland during regular office hours from Peachland Fire & Rescue Service. Monday to Friday 8:30 – 4:00. If you have any questions please contact the fire hall at 250.767.2841.


If you live within an incorporated area within the Regional District, then most likely fire protection is provided to you through your local municipal fire department. However, if you live outside of a municipal boundary then you either receive fire protection from one of the four regional volunteer departments or not at all. The exceptions being June Springs, Brent Road and the south end of Lakeshore Road where at the request of residents from these previously unprotected regional neighborhoods, the bordering municipalities have agreed to provide fire protection.

For more information please click here: RDCO Fire Protection Information


Burning Permit forms are available at the Fire Hall, 4401 - 3rd St, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.



Campfires are permitted within the District of Peachland with an approved permit from Peachland Fire & Rescue Service. Campfires are used for cooking and warmth per the Fire & Life Safety Smoke Control Bylaw 1718.

No persons shall cause or permit smoke from a campfire except in accordance with the following regulations:

    a. Only permitted burning materials, including seasoned untreated lumber, shall be used in campfires and firewood must be dry and seasoned.

    b. Campfires shall be continuously controlled and supervised by a competent person equipped with extinguishing equipment and material.
    c. Campfires shall be maintained so as not to cause a nuisance.
    d. Campfires are subject to local fire restrictions and are subject to cancellation at any time by any authority having jurisdiction.
    e. A person responsible for open burning or a campfire shall ensure that no nuisance is caused and shall be responsible for all costs and expenses resulting from extinguishment of the fire(s).

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