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Fire Drills


"We want everybody to know how to get out of their house alive if there was a fire in their home," said Cori Jecks, administrative assistant with PFRS.

Jecks said she hopes everyone takes the time to develop a home escape plan and practice it on a regular basis. A home escape plan should be worked on by the entire family, according to Jecks.

"They have to know two ways out of each room," said Jecks
"There should be a designated meeting place," said Jecks. The meeting place could be a neighbour's lawn across the street or an identifiable landmark in the vicinity.

In the case of a home fire, people need to know to get out of the house safely, and then call 911, according to Jecks. "Once they get outside and meet, that's when they call," she said.

All family members should be taught, in case of fire, to drop down low, crawl and touch all doors to see if they're hot before opening them.

"If it's hot you don't want to go through the door because that's where the fire is," said Jecks.

School kids are put through fire drills every other month and Jecks said families need to get into the habit of conducting them as well.

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