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Civic Awards - Spirit of Peachland


Each year, outstanding residents are recognized for their service through the “Spirit of Peachland Civic Awards”.

Nominations are currently closed. Nominations for 2013 will be accepted February through mid March 2014 for the following awards recognizing achievements or actions from 2013:

  • Peachland Excellence Awards: A Peachland resident, youth and/or group who gave significant service or had a significant achievement in a specific category during the past year. Categories include but are not restricted to: Arts, Culture, Sports, Recreation, Heritage, Environment & Conservation, Community Inclusion or Accessibility, Volunteerism, Leadership, Health Promotion, and Community Spirit. Other categories can be created by the nominee but will be judged by the committee as to their merit.

  • Unsung Hero: An individual whose everyday actions and quiet efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of others.

  • Lifetime Service: Peachland resident or group, in recognition of a minimum of 15 years dedicated service to the community.

  • Youth Citizen of the Year: A School age youth who demonstrates outstanding leadership or makes a significant contributions to youth and/or the community.

  • Citizen of the Year: A Peachland resident making the greatest contribution to the improvement of the community.

How To Nominate

  • Review the nomination categories and complete the nomination form 2013 Nomination Form
  • Write a nomination letter providing details to support the nomination (i.e.: Consider the individuals role or contribution; their talents or unique gifts; and/or their impact in the community or on a special population in 2013)
  • Provide 1-3 letters of support
  • Total package not to exceed 8 pages (8.5x11 paper format)
  • Completed packages can be returned:

  • -by email to Executive Assistant
    -to the District Office (5806 Beach Ave)
    -to the Community Centre (4450 6th Street)

  • Application deadline: March 14, 2014

    Selections will be based on the nominee’s achievements and contributions for the year of 2013


    Upon request, the following municipal awards are also presented at the Civic Awards Ceremony:

    • Wedding Anniversary: Awarded upon request, to Peachland Residents celebrating their 50, 60 or 70th Wedding Anniversary.

    • Freedom of the Municipality: Granted upon request to Peachland Residents who have reached their 100th birthday or to residents who have lived in Peachland for more than 75 years.

    How To Submit for Recognition

    Submit the person(s) name, address, phone number to:

    -the District Office (5806 Beach Ave) or the Community Centre (4540 6th Street)

    -email the Executive Assistant


    The following awards are selected by Mayor and Council

    • Councillors Award of Merit
      Any person or group, local or otherwise, making a significant contribution to our community, as decided by the District Councillors.

    • Mayors Award of Merit
      Any person or group, local or otherwise, making a significant contribution to our community, as decided by the Mayor.


      Spirit of Peachland Civic Awards - Recognizing excellence for 2012
    • Citizen of the Year - Lynne Herrin
    • Youth Citizen of the Year - Katie Owens
    • Mayor's Award of Merit - Gabi Haas
    • Councillors' Award of Merit -Don Wigfield
    • Freedom of the Municipality - Don Wilson and Alice Spinley
    • Lifetime Service Award - Peachland Fall Fair
    • Unsung Hero Award - Joan Dupuis

      Peachland Excellence Awards 2012

    • Excellence in volunteerism - Vince Boyko
    • Excellence in Team Work and Youth Achievement - Peachland Ambassadors
    • Excellence in Community Service - Bill and Trudy Boos
    • Excellence in the Arts - Bill Bennett
    • Excellence in Health Promotion and Leadership - Wendy Howard
    • Excellence in Community Spirit - Linda Tyreman

      Peachland Fire and Rescue Service Awards 2012

    • Firefighter of the Year - Retired Firefighter Hank Guckuk
    • 10 years of Service - Lieutenant Sandy Springer and Captain Tyler Hilland
    • Five Years of Service - George Cain, George McFarlane, Brian Brooks, Darin Scott, Cameron Brian


    • Excellence in Community Spirit - Wayne Power
    • Excellence in Community Service - Peachland Ambassadors
    • Excellence in Historical Preservation - Don Wigfield
    • Excellence in Sports Leadership - John Wardley
    • Excellence in the Arts - Deborah Livingstone
    • Excellence in Leadership - Alice Mumm
    • Excellence in Volunteerism - Julie Mearns
    • Lifetime Service - Mabel Sorenson
    • Unsung Hero - Roy Butterworth
    • Councillors' Award of Merit - Jean Fraser
    • Mayors Award of Merit - Don Wilson
    • Youth Citizen of the Year - Lauren Boorman
    • Citizen of the Year - Chris Scowen


    • Wedding Anniversaries - Margaret & Ted Sinclair (50 yrs Dec 15), Jean and Al Fraser (60 yrs, Dec 1)
    • Christmas Lighting – Peachland Fire and Rescue
    • Youth Achievement – Zoe Moshansky, Erika Park, Shelagh Sarsons
    • Community Builders – Little Schoolhouse, Doug Armitage, Jean Saul
    • Meritorious Service – Brenda Moshansky
    • Councillors Award of Merit – Rob Campbell
    • Mayor’s Award of Merit – Bob Sugden
    • Freedom of the Municipality – Earl Sutherland, The Topham Family
    • Citizens of the Year – Martha Jenkins


    • Christmas Lighting – Residential – Deborah & Samuel Derksen
    • Water Conservation Landscaping – Nahid Gordon and Liz & Dale Zimmerman
    • Youth Achievement – Portia Conner
    • Community Builders – Lynne Herrin
    • Meritorious Service – Centennial Committee and Communities in Bloom Committee
    • Councillors Award of Merit – Chris Byrd
    • Mayor’s Award of Merit – Darlene Hartford
    • Freedom of the Municipality – Helen Mclaughan, Sarah Todd, Stella Vaughan-Birch
    • Citizens of the Year – Donna and Eldon Kerbes

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