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News releases

BC Hydro Planned Power Outage May 25, 2014 - Release Date: May 2, 2014
BC Hydro advises of an upcoming power outage required in order for crews to safely conduct critical work on the BC Hydro electrical system.

To improve the safety and reliability of the electrical system that serves customers in a part of Peachland and an area south, we must remove a substandard 50 foot pole and replace it with a new pole and equipment.

To ensure the safety of crews and the public during this work it will be necessary to interrupt electrical service to some customers on Sunday, May 25 from 8am to 4pm.

The outage will affect 400 BC Hydro customers including all customers from just North of Hardy Street on Renfrew Road, South down Hwy 97 to the end of the BC Hydro line (just North of Summerland).

  • Renfrew Road, Brent Road, Hardy Street, Thorne Road, Greata Ranch, Okanagan Lake Provincial Park.

  • Meadow Valley Road, Callan Road, North Beach Road, Savanna Road, Fish Lake, Relkey Road, Marsh Lane, Bathville Road, Kettle Place, Agur Court, Mountainview Road, Princeton- Summerland Road, Deans Road, Antler Beach, Meadow Valley, Shingle Creek and Penticton Indian Band.

We will be advertising the outage and it will also be on the BC Hydro website under the planned outages tab:

We very much appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers and the community as we safely conduct this important work. All the best,

  • February Freeze Up - Release Date: Feb 16, 2014
    Don't let winter doldrums keep you from being active! The February Freeze Up 5k Run and Walk is an opportunity to get active outdoors. Whether you are participating competitively or for active fun, the social atmosphere will help you get going and keep moving!
  • Christmas Light-up - Release Date: Dec 7, 2013
    Come along with your family to celebrate the Christmas Light-up! This year's event includes Entertainment, Christmas Vendor Village, Refreshments, Santa Claus parade and much more.
  • Christmas Craft Fair - Release Date: Nov 30, 2013
    Join us at the Christmas Craft Fair for some treats and perfect gifts from our local craftspeople. At Peachland Community Centre, this event starts at 9am until 3pm. Admission is $1 per person.
  • Breakfast with Santa - Release Date: Dec 7, 2013
    Come celebrate Christmas with our Breakfast with Santa tradition! Enjoy a delicious breakfast, entertainment and a visit and photo with Santa. Pre-registration is required. Event runs from 9:30am to 11:30am.
  • Triathlon Road Closure - Release Date: Jul 22, 2013

    The Peachland Triathlon on Beach Avenue - 2014 TBA

    Beach Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic between 1st and 13th Street from 7 am to when the last cyclist is off course (approximate time 8:40 am). Traffic will be detoured as follows:

  • Beach Avenue (between 1st and 6th Street) Detoured to Waldo Way (alley way)
  • Beach Avenue (between 6th Street and 11th Street) Closed – Emergency access only.
  • Beach Avenue (between 11th and 13th) Detoured to Lake and San Clemente, Hwy 97
  • Beach Avenue (at 14th) Detoured to Lake, San Clemente, Hwy 97
  • Please note the bike course continues on Beach Avenue to Buchanan, Robinson Place turnaround looping back to the far south end of Buchanan, returning to Beach Avenue. This area is open to controlled vehicular traffic. Please watch for cyclists on road and obey Road Marshalls and Flaggers.

    We thank you for your patience on race day, and co-operating with our valued volunteers. Please enjoy the race, and cheer on the athletes! You are more than welcome to join us for our post race breakfast at the Community Centre, prepared by the Peachland Lions @ $5/person.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Notice of Power Interruption - Release Date: Jun 17, 2013
    BC Hydro will be making electrical system improvements in the Peachland and Fish Lake areas on June 20. To ensure the safety of work crews it will be necessary to interrupt electrical service for approximately 5 hours: 9:00am-3:00pm

    The areas affected will be: Lipsett Ave from Aitkens Road; Heighway Lane; Renfrew Road; Topham Place; part of Bulyea Ave to Topham Place; along S Hwy 97 from Renfrew Road to past North Beach Road; and including all side roads. As well as all of fish Lake, Bathville, Shingle Creek and Isintok.

    To prepare for this interruption and protect your equipment from damage, turn off all lights, electric heaters and major appliances and unplug all electronics.

    For the first hour after the power comes back on, please only plug in or turn on those electronics and appliances that you really need. This will help ensure the electrical system does not get overloaded.

    BC Hydro apologizes for the inconvenience and will restore power as soon as possible.

    Prepare for outages and stay informed by visiting or from your handheld device. Please call 1.888.769.3766 for more information.

  • Webcasting of Council and Committee of the Whole Meetings - Release Date: May 14, 2013
    Public Service Announcement

    The District of Peachland to Webcast Committee of the Whole and Regular Council Meetings

    Effective May 14, 2013, the District of Peachland will provide live webcasting of the Committee of the Whole and Regular Council Meetings on the District’s website at . Recordings of the meetings will also be uploaded onto the website with agenda indexing which allows the viewer to scroll directly to the agenda item they wish to view.

    New technology for webcasting has made it affordable for the District to help people stay better informed about what is going on in the District Peachland.

    For further information please contact:

    Polly Palmer, Director of Corporate Services District of Peachland Phone: 250-767-2647 E-mail:

  • Green Credits- Do you Qualify? - Release Date: May 2, 2013
    You may be eligible for a credit for water consumption costs, if:

    -Your property is between ½ and 2 acres and does not have farm status;

    -You grow food for direct human consumption on at least ¼ acre of your property;

    -You have a water efficient irrigation system in place;

    -You have a separate meter to record irrigation consumption.

    For more information, see ‘Green Credits’ on our website at or stop in at the District Office or Public Works office for an application form. Application MUST be in no later than 4pm, May 30th, 2013.

  • Order a Composter - Release Date: Feb 27, 2013
    Order a Composter, Cut Your Garbage in Half!

    Here’s your chance to cut your garbage in half and do your yard a huge favor this gardening season with a new backyard composter.

    The Regional Waste Reduction Office is once again offering subsidized Earth Machine backyard composters for $40 (tax included), a big savings from the regular $100 retail price. But you’ll need to pre-order a composter online if you want one. The pre-order sale runs Friday March 1st through Thursday March 28th, with composters ready for pickup in your community in May. Orders can be placed by visiting

    “We’re doing a pre-sale again this year to make sure anyone who wants a composter gets one. We’ve found people seem to like this option better than the big one day one location only sales of the past where it’s first come, first serve and then they’re gone,” says Stewart. “Once you place your order, we’ll bring the composters to pre-arranged locations in your community in early May to make it easier for pickup.“

    Stewart adds one third to one half of household waste is easily compostable. ‘If you recycle and compost you could be putting as little as one or two grocery bags worth of garbage out for collection a week, far less taxing on our one remaining landfill. And by adding nutrient rich compost to your garden, it’s pay dirt for your soil, greener grass, healthier flowers, more robust fruits and veggies.”

    This year’s pre-order sale features a few options. “Backyard composting doesn’t suit everyone, so we’re also offering the Green Cone ’food digester’. If you have no use for finished compost, this unit is low maintenance, take all types of food waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps, cooked and uncooked meat, fish, bones and dairy products, and can also handle pet waste. We’ll also have worm bin composters available, which are the perfect model for apartment or condo dwellers.”

    For details on the composter sale, to place your order, view your payment options-including this year’s online payment feature, or simply to find out more about which model is best for you, visit or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250.469.6250.

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