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Peachland Economic Development

Peachland Economic Development

The Peachland Economic Development Committee is an advisory committee to Council. Its purpose is to identify, investigate, analyze and periodically report to Council on matters affecting or having the potential to affect, the growth, prosperity and economic well being of the community.


  • Economic Development Support for Peachland - Downtown Sustainability
  • Communication on Economic Development and Economic Impact Issues
  • Economic Development Coordination with Regional District and the District of Peachland
  • Develop and keep current an inventory of business space and land in Peachland
  • Develop a scope for a future "Enterprise Centre"
  • Venue and expertise for one on one Business Advice / Referral
  • Take home information source on "starting a business"
  • Business and Marketing guidelines / templates
  • Use of business reference library with WIFI service
  • Venture Seminars to help forge new business partnerships/Alliances

The Peachland Economic Development Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers. All meetings are open to the public.

Peachland Economic Development Committee members: Chair Gabi Haas, members Chris Byrd, Rob Campbell, Steve Allison, Terry Tanner, Darci Yeo, David Stuart, Ted Worobetz, Councillor Schierbeck, Councillor Fortin, Alternate Council member Councillor Moberg, Alternate Chamber Member Kale Wallgren

The Peachland Economic Development Committee's website provides further information on the Committee's activities and contributions to the community, to view please click here.

Disclaimer: Minutes of meetings available on this web site are provided for information and research purposes only and are not the official versions. In some cases, the minutes posted will not have been officially adopted. The official versions of all minutes are available through the Corporate Services Department.

Date Event
January 13, 2011 PEDC Minutes
April 14, 2011 PEDC Minutes
May 12, 2011 PEDC Minutes
September 22, 2011 PEDC Minutes
October 20, 2011 PEDC Minutes
December 8, 2011 PEDC Minutes
January 12, 2012 PEDC Minutes
February 9, 2012 PEDC Minutes
March 8, 2012 PEDC Minutes
April 12, 2012 PEDC Minutes
May 10, 2012 PEDC Minutes
June 14, 2012 PEDC Minutes
July 12, 2012 PEDC Minutes
September 13, 2012 PEDC Minutes
October 11, 2012 PEDC Minutes
November 8, 2012 PEDC Minutes
December 13, 2012 PEDC Minutes
January 10, 2013 PEDC Minutes
February 7, 2013 PEDC Minutes
March 14, 2013 PEDC Minutes
April 11, 2013 PEDC Minutes
May 16, 2013 PEDC Minutes
June 13, 2013 PEDC Minutes
July 11, 2013 PEDC Minutes
September 12, 2013 PEDC Mniutes
November 7, 2013 PEDC Minutes
Dec 12, 2013 PEDC Minutes
January 9, 2014 PEDC Minutes
March 20, 2014 PEDC Minutes
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