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Primary School

Primary School Implementation Committee

The purpose of the Primary School Implementation Committee is as follows:

  • To serve as the planning and coordinating body responsible for oversight of progress on the Primary School restoration project, including periodic reporting to Council;
  • To serve as ‘client’ with respect to proposed work plans and provide guidance to the construction project though staff, for implementation consistent with Council directives and Anchor Tenant tenancy agreements;
  • Identify potential grant opportunities and coordinate the acquisition of such funding in consultation with District staff;
  • Pursue offers of financial support, material donation and volunteer labour and recommend how such resources can be best deployed;
  • Monitor progress and liaise with municipal staff, and to engage any questions or problems that arise as renovation proceeds; and
  • Coordinate communication and reporting requirements

The Primary School Implementation Committee meets at the call of the Chair; all meets are open to the public.

Primary School Implementation Committee members: Chair Fielding, Councillor Hall, Councillor Condon, Gabriele Haas, Chris Byrd, Darlene Hartford, Loretta Robinson, Craig Monley, Diane Entwistle.

Disclaimer: Minutes of meetings available on this web site are provided for information and research purposes only and are not the official versions. In some cases, the minutes posted will not have been officially adopted. The official versions of all minutes are available through the Peachland Administrative Office.

Date Event
March 17, 2010 PSIC Minutes
April 21, 2010 PSIC Minutes
June 23, 2010 PSIC Minutes
July 13, 2010 PSIC Minutes
July 28, 2010 PSIC Minutes
August 31, 2010 PSIC Minutes
September 8, 2010 PSIC Minutes
October 28, 2010 PSIC Minutes
July 13, 2011 PSIC Minutes
August 24, 2011 PSIC Minutes
September 19, 2011 PSIC Minutes
February 23, 2012 PSIC Minutes
April 11, 2012 PSIC Minutes
Oct 3, 2012 PSIC Minutes
February 5, 2013 PSIC Minutes
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