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Whats Happening?

Youth Recreation Programs

The Peachland Recreation Program is run from a variety of community locations. We produce a monthly calendar of activities that have been planned by and for youth. All recreation programs are funded by the District of Peachland.

  • Peachland Tweens (Grades 5&6)
    Celebrate being a tween by hanging out with your friends after school!

    Monday 4-5:45pm 4th Street Place
    Wednesday 5-6:30pm 4th Street Anglican Church

  • Middle School Teens (Grade 7-9)
    Hang out in our parent free zone!

    Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm 4th Street Anglican Church
    Thursday 6-7:30pm Peachland Community Centre

  • Youth Nights (Grades 10-12)
    Chill out with your friends. Snacks and entertainment will be provided!

    Tuesday 6:30-8pm Peachland Community Center

Peachland Youth Council

Join your Peachland Youth Council! The Youth Council meets to discuss interests, youth council goals, special events, community projects and more. Council members will build their leadership and teamwork skills while planning fun events for your friends. Participation in the Youth Council is a great addition to your resume. The next big event we will be working on is planning what the Peachland Youth Centre will look like. To join call or text Caleigh at (250)859-3893.

Youth Services

  • YES Program (Ages 15-30)
    The YES Program is a service for youth and young adults seeking employment, who are not in full-time school and/or are underemployed. Services include resume development, employment references, employment skills, job search, interview clothing and transportation. Contact: (250)707-1396

    Reconnect (Ages 13-18)
    Reconnect provides support, referrals, parent-teen mediation and advocacy for high-risk youth that are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. Contact: (250)859-2524

  • Outreach Mental Health (Ages 12-18)
    Outreach Mental Health is a short term program providing mental health services to high risk youth with psychiatric issues who are not wiling or not able to access mainstream mental health services. Outreach Mental Health makes referrals to community mental health and also provides crisis intervention when required. Contact: (250)869-5093

  • Youth Options Program (Ages 13-18)
    The Youth Options Program is a structured, interactive group for at-risk youth wanting to make positive changes and reduce their use of alcohol and/or drugs. The program runs in 12 week cycles and is free of charge, includes meals, and provides opportunities for like skill development as well and participation in recreational activities. Contact: (250)869-6983.

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