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Sustainable Peachland


Human progress has led to a significant change in the earth’s climate system. This is leading to variable weather anomalies globally and threatens human well being and economic development into the future. The Province of British Columbia has acknowledged this fact and has become one of the most progressive jurisdictions in North America in attempting to mitigate and address this issue. In 2007 municipalities across the Province signed onto the BC Climate Action Charter. The District of Peachland in partnership with the Province of British Columbia and other municipalities across the Province have committed to taking steps to minimize human impacts on the climate.


"The District, as part to the B.C. Climate Action Charter, will foster a community and workplace culture that respects the environment. The District will seek to minimize/eliminate human caused environmental degradationthrough a variety of strategies and policies. Those strategies and policies that will address things such as, carbon neutrality by 2012, will vary widely in their content, scope and interdepartmental/community integration. Through quality research, education, assessment, coordination, communication and implementation significant strides in becoming sustainable are expected into the future."


The Mayor in 2011 created a committee of Council that is intended to facilitate community outreach regarding climate action initiatives. The committee meets on the last Wednesday every month at 1:30 p.m. in the Peachland Council Chambers and is open to the public.


One of the number one causes of climate change is the use of non-renewable resources for energy production. We all use energy in our day to day lives. We drive our cars, charge our cell phones, heat our homes etc. There are little things that everyone can do to minmize impact on the environment and aid in reducing Green House Gas's (GHG's). Perhaps more important is the money you can save as a result of making these small changes in your day to day life. Please see the GHG calculator provided below - this will aid you in tracking your own energy use.


As an initiative from the Mayor's Task Force, committee members felt it would be beneficial to provide residents with an ability to track their energy use and associated GHG emissions. Please find below an excel file that may be used to do so.

  • GHG Calculator
  • This portion of the website is under development so please check back for new information on energy retrofit grants and initiatives of the District

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