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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

The primary function of the Corporate Services Department is supporting the legislative matters and decisions of Council in an open, accessible, accountable and professional manner. Corporate Services endeavours to provide a high standard of customer service that help citizens to access and interact with their local government.

Corporate Services Department is responsible for the statutory duties of the Corporate Officer including preparation and preservation of all minutes and records of Council business, custody of District Bylaws, administration of agreements, administrative support to Council and its committees, preparation of Council agendas and conduct of local government elections.

Additional areas of responsibility:

  • Freedom of Information
  • Human Resources
  • Communications

FOI Request Form

Internal Corporate Review

The District of Peachland is currently in a unique position of still being a small community, but on the verge of becoming much larger. The challenges we will be facing as a community over the next 10 to 20 years have been well documented recently, and so the time is right to now review how we as an organization can be better positioned to meet the needs of our growing community and changing customer expectations. In the past year we have undertaken a customer service review, and have just completed a planning services process review. These reviews have feed into the overall corporate review that the management team has been working on since spring. This corporate review report sets out the objectives and approach, identifies the key findings, and provides specific recommendations for service improvements by department.

To view the entire report, please click here Internal Corporate Review

Draft Council Procedure Bylaw

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