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Advisory Planning Committee

Advisory Planning Committee

The Advisory Planning Committee meets on an ad hoc basis. The Director of Planning and Development calls a meeting when there is a development or issues that require review from the Advisory Planning Committee.

To review the Advisory Planning Committee Terms of Reference, please click here.

The members of the Committee are as follows:Greg Byrnes, Cecile Guilbalt, Bill Lemon, and Moe Martin. When there is a vacancy on the committee it is advertised on the Municipal website and in the local paper.

Disclaimer: Minutes of meetings available on this web site are provided for information and research purposes only and are not the official versions. In some cases, the minutes posted will not have been officially adopted. The official versions of all minutes are available through the Peachland Administrative Office.

Date Event
November 7, 2011 APC Minutes
June 28, 2012 APC Minutes

If you have any questions regarding this committee please contact Erin Hayman at 250-767-2647 ext.. 111 or at Erin Hayman

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