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Tourism Advisory Committee

Tourism Advisory Committee

The Tourism Advisory Committee is to identify and provide recommendations on opportunities that will improve tourism services, increase the number of tourism related visits to Peachland and serve as support for the Tourism Services Coordinator position. Furthermore, the Tourism Advisory Committee will work cooperatively to develop Peachland as a tourism destination through collaboration between the Tourism Advisory Committee, the local tourism sector, the Peachland Chamber of Commerce, Peachland Economic Development Committee and the District of Peachland.


  • provide support for the implementation fo the peachland Tourism Action Plan
  • provide input into the annual marketing work plan and provide recommendations for the overall use of marketing funds
  • provide advice and recommendation to Council on matters affecting the tourism industry on a regular basis

The Tourism Advisory Committee meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers/ Additional meetings may be scheduled at the call or the chair in accordance with legislative requirements. All meetings are open to the public.

Tourism Advisory Committee Members: Chair Doris Muhs, Councillor Condon, Graham Todd, Walter Huber, Darlene Hartford, Loretta Robinson, Patrick Van Minsel, David Collins, Gillians Evan, Heather Johnnson and Kat Zvanitajs

Disclaimer: Minutes of meetings available on this web site are provided for information and research purposes only and are not the official versions. In some cases, the minutes posted will not have been officially adopted. The official versions of all minutes are available through the Peachland Administrative Office.

Date Event
July 5, 2012 TAC Minutes
August 23, 2012 TAC Minutes
September 27, 2012 TAC Minutes
October 25, 2012 TAC Minutes
November 22, 2012 TAC Minutes
January 24, 2013 TAC Minutes
February 28, 2013 TAC Minutes
March 28, 2013 TAC Minutes
April 25, 2013 TAC Minutes
May 23, 2013 TAC Minutes
August 22, 2013 TAC Minutes
Sept 26, 2013 TAC Minutes
November 28, 2013 TAC Minutes
January 23, 2014 TAC Minutes
February 26, 2014 TAC Minutes

If you have any questions regarding this committee please contact Erin Hayman at 250-767-2647 ext.. 111 or at Erin Hayman

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