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Business Licensing


Why is a Business License Required?

The Business License Bylaw requires a business to have a license in order to operate legally within the District of Peachland.

The bylaw allows the District to ensure that public health and safety regulations are addressed by businesses when the public has access.

When is a Business License Required?

You are required to have a business license prior to opening your door to the public. This license must be clearly displayed in your business.

Types of Businesses

(as defined by Business License Bylaw No. 2036, 2012 and Inter-Community Business License Bylaw No. 1857, 2007)

Home Based Business means the use of a dwelling or accessory building for an occupation, office, trade or craft for gain or profit, conducted entirely within the dwelling or accessory building, as a use secondary to the residential use.

Non-Resident Business – means a business, other than a resident business, carried on in the municipality or with respect to which any work or service is performed in the municipality.

Resident Business – means a business carried on in or from premises within the municipal boundaries

Seasonal Business – means a summer business that operates for a five month period or less during the periods commencing April 1st and ending on or before November 1st.

Inter-Community Business (Mobile Business) – means a business license which authorizes a Mobile Business to be carried on within the boundaries of any or all of the Participating Municipalities.

For more information on Inter-Community Business Licensing click here.

Business License Fees

Principle Business License = $112.00 annually (after July 1st any new business license is pro-rated and the fee is $56.00)

Inter-Community License = $150.00 annually (in addition to the principle business license fee. Additionally Inter-Community Licenses are not pro-rated)

Seasonal Summer Business License (April 1st to November 1st) = $56.00 annually

Iterant Show or Entertainment, Theatre, Concert, Music Show, Beer Garden = $50.00 per day

Mobile Vendor or Concessions, and Flea Markets = $50.00 per day

Business License Transfers = $20

How to Apply

You can apply for a business license in the following ways:
  • On-line
  • . To apply online click here.
  • By email to
  • By fax - (250) 767-3433
  • By mail - 5806 Beach Avenue, Peachland, B.C., V0H 1X7
For a business license application package click here.

Do you need other approvals before you get your business license?

You may require other approvals before your business license can be approved. BizPal is a online tool that can be used to determine additional requirements that may be necessary for your business. For more information on Bizpal and to access the system please click here.



Your proposed business location must meet the land use provisions of the District of Peachland Zoning Bylaw.

It is important to note that there are three different types of home based business as found within Zoning Bylaw No. 1375 Section 4 General Provisions these include:

  • Type I (Major Home Occupations)
  • Type II (Minor Home Occupations)
  • Type III (Rural Home Occupations)
For more information regarding land use provisions and home based business types please consult Zoning Bylaw No.1375 or contact the Planning and Development Services Department.

Development Permit

Where renovations or façade improvements may be required and the proposed business is located within a Development Permit Area a Development Permit will be required.

For more information regarding Development Permit Areas please consult Official Community Plan Bylaw No.1600 or contact the Planning and Development Services Department.


Staff from the Planning and Development Service Department will review your application and may conduct a site visit of the property. A Building Permit or special inspection may be required to authorize and/or inspect for BC Building Code and Zoning Bylaw requirements.

For more information regarding building requirements please consult Building Bylaw No. 1574 or contact the Planning and Development Services Department.


Before your business license can be issued, you may be required to submit proof of approvals from the Police, Fire, Health or other relevant agencies.

Interior Health Authority - Inspection and approval from the Interior Health Authority may be required before a license can be approved. For further information visit their website click here.

Fire - Some businesses may require inspection of the premises by the Peachland Fire Department before a license can be issued. For Further information contact the Peachland Fire Department or visit their webpage click here.

Police - If police approval is required, you will need to contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). For further information visit their website click here.

Liquor Control and Licensing Branch- If a business is going to serve alcohol a Liquor License is required. For further information visit their website click here.


On receipt of a complete application most business licenses can be issued within a few business days. However, where an application may be more complex approval may take up to 8 weeks.

Method of Payment

Payment is due when the license is ready for issue. Payment may be submitted via mail or in person at the District office. Once the payment is received the license may be either picked up or a request submitted for the license to be mailed to the business.

methods of payment include:

  • Cash
  • Cheque or Money Order
  • Debit Card
*Please be advised that the District does not accept credit cards for business license payments*
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