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Director of Finance:DOUG
Senior Accounting Clerk:CANDISS
Accounting Clerk:MELANIE
Receptionist Cashier: CORI
Fax: 250.767.3433 

The role of the District of Peachland's Finance department is to ensure sound financial accounting for the District's assets. This department is responsible for the implementation of financial management policies that ensure the District is able to meet Council's service expectations. The Director of Finance is responsible for the District's financial systems.

Financial Plan (Budget)

The Finance Department prepares a financial plan annually for review and adoption by Council. This is done by collection of information from all departments and working with management to prepare a draft budget in accordance with planning and priorities established by Council. The budget is modified through public input and discussion and then adopted by bylaw each year by May 15th. This budget establishes the annual tax rate.

Revenue and Expense

The Finance department is responsible for billing, collecting money and maintaining records for properties, water, sewer, business licenses, garbage and cemetery.

There are approximately 2750 properties in the District of Peachland. The Finance Department maintains records of assessment, ownership, legal description and tax accounts. Tax notices and reminders are mailed annually and an annual tax sale is held for properties should any property owner not pay their taxes for three years.

The Finance Department also bills user fees for water, sewer and garbage. Currently, bills are quarterly showing metered rate for water, and a flat fee for sewer and garbage.

The Finance Department is responsible for the expenditures of the District of Peachland. Not only does this department issue payment to suppliers, but also prepares payroll for 29 permanent full time employees, as well as a number of casual and summer employees. The District of Peachland payroll includes members of the Peachland Fire and Rescue Service.

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Director of Finance:DOUG
Sr. Accounting Clerk:CANDISS
Accounting Clerk:MELANIE
Receptionist Clerk: CORI
Fax: 250.767.3433 
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