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Operations Dept


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The Public Works Yard and Operations Office is located at 5379 Princeton Avenue, Peachland, BC

Director of OperationsJoe Mitchelljmitchell@peachland.caCell: 250.212.2926
Engineering TechnologistMirjam Glassmglass@peachland.caCell: 250.215.1379
Operations ClerkLinda
Fax: 250.767.6370 

The District of Peachland Operations Department provides many of the basic services that affect the daily lives of all who live and work in Peachland. Primarily, the department is responsible for

  • administration,
  • planning,
  • maintenance,
  • construction management and
  • technical engineering of the District's infrastructure;
    • waste management;
    • distribution and treatment of water;
    • maintenance of fire hydrants,
    • manholes,
    • municipal facilities,
    • park amenities,
    • parks,
    • sidewalks,
    • street lights,
    • street signs,
    • traffic signs,
    • trees,
    • walkways and
    • cemetery.

The Operations Department has an annual operating budget derived from a number of sources including:

  • user fees,
  • utility charges and
  • taxation.

The department is also responsible for implementing improvements according to that laid out by Council for the 5 year and 20 year Capital Improvement Plans to construct new, or to improve on aging infrastructure

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