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Compost Site


The Compost Site is available for yard and garden waste only from 7 a.m. to 3:30 pm, 7 days per week.

No household garbage or recyclables.
Monitoring of the Compost Site can be expected and hours of access changed (gate closed) if the compost site is used as a garbage dump or otherwise vandalized. Please report abuse to 250.767.2108.

Dumping of garbage, oil, building materials and other non-organic material is not OK at any time including when no-one is watching.

Impressive Behaviour at the Compost Site:

    - One fellow emptied his truck of branches and then walked the larger branches, cut into firewood size pieces, over to the wood pile!
    - One fellow with a load of old hay bales, took all the string off the bales before unloading the hay!


    - Dumping drywall. Even little pieces are not allowed.
    - Dumping boards with nails, rotten wood, railway ties.
    - Dumping tires, furniture, and other garbage.
The Compost Site is located about 6 km up Princeton Avenue. Princeton Ave will turn to gravel (travel less than1/2 km on gravel), turn right at the cattle guard, read and obey the signs.

ACCEPTABLE: Grass, leaves, pine needles, cones, windfall fruit, garden plants, branches and tree prunings, and christmas trees.

NOT ACCEPTABLE: Household hazardous waste including solvent, oil, pesticides, paint, cleaners; construction, demolition and renovation debris including asphalt, drywall, concrete, large trees and stumps, all paper and cardboard. Loads containing these items are subject to fines.

There are many private companies that accept non-compostable and waste materials at little or no charge. Check for more information

If you find an illegal dump, contact:

  • On Crown lands:
    Regional Waste Reduction Office
    (250) 469-6250
    Peachland (250) 767-2108
  • On Highway right-of-ways:
    Ministry of Transportation
    Westside 769-1397
    Kelowna 766-3970 (for roads not maintained by the City of Kelowna)
    Peachland 767-2108
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