Official Community Plan Renewal Project Process


Here is what we plan to do!

  • Refresh the community's vision for development over the next 20-30 years;
  • Ensure that development and land use decisions are guided by a clear vision;
  • Update background data;
  • Update the Regional Context Statement;
  • Update goals and policies to reflect changes in direction and legislation; and
  • Prepare an update Official Community Plan based on technical and public input.

Here is how we plan to do it!

The project involves a great deal of research and data collection, technical analysis, public engagement and legislative reviews. There will be opportunities throughout the life of the project for community participation. Because community planning processes are dynamic, timelines are subject to change. See below for the project schedule.

The Public Participation Process

Project Schedule

There are 5 phases of public participation during the OCP Renewal Project. View the project schedule to learn more. Due to the dynamic nature of community planning processes, times are subject to change.


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