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Shoreland Plan

In 1982, the Corporation of the District of Peachland began the process of creating a strategy to guide the future use and development of the 11.25km shoreland fronting on Okanagan Lake, within the Municipality. The area was divided into 12 Units (see Shoreland Plan Map below) based on their location and the conditions in each area. Each of the 12 Units was evaluated and permitted uses were determined based on the natural and man-made features, natural shoreland processes, the goals and asporations of local residents, property owners, the Municipal Council, and interested Provincial Government Ministries.

Shoreland Plan Map

Shoreland Map
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  • Wharf and Buoy Documents

  • DEV-250 Wharf, Dock and Buoy Policy DEV-250
  • Wharf and Buoy Application
  • Wharf and Buoy Application Guidelines
  • Wharf and Buoy Design Guidelines
  • Lakefront Area Public Places Bylaw No. 1869