Xeriscape Landscape
If you want your garden to give you the maximum enjoyment and value for your time and money, xeriscaping is the answer.

Xeri is the Greek word for dry. Xeriscaping uses little supplemental irrigation and is a method of gardening that works with the natural environmental conditions you live in.

Rather than a specific look, xeriscaping is a method of landscaping that can be applied to almost any style of landscape or garden. There are hundreds of plants that thrive in low water conditions in the hot Okanagan climate.

By following the Seven Principles of Xeriscape, you can have a lush, healthy garden that requires minimal irrigation, maintenance, and pest control. Make the switch to a sustainable landscape and eliminate chemical use, conserve water and create natural beauty in your outdoor space. For more information about xeriscape, please visit www.okanaganxeriscape.org.

The District of Peachland, in partnership with the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) and Okanagan Xeriscape Association (OXA), is holding a xeriscaping contest. Two lucky homeowners will be selected to have their thirsty lawn front yards renovated to a low-water, low-maintenance xeriscape, free of charge!

Peachland Xeriscape Demonstration Project- Contest 2016 - info and application

What will this contest win do for you?

  • Create a spectacular front yard working with a xeriscape design specialist
  • Design, labour and materials are provided
  • Showcase your front yard to the public to demonstrate xeriscape landscaping
  • Reduce your outdoor water consumption and maintenance efforts

What are your responsibilities as property owner?

  • Ongoing watering and maintenance to keep the landscape beautiful (instructions provided)
  • Xeriscaping must remain in place for remainder of ownership (minimum 3 years)
  • Accommodate viewing from public property using some provided low-impact signage
  • Allow publicizing of outdoor water use for comparison of pre and post xeriscaping to show water use reduction

When will the project take place?

Who is NOT ELIGIBLE to apply?

  • District of Peachland staff & members of Council
  • Properties located outside District of Peachland boundaries
  • Rental occupants within the District of Peachland
  • If ownership has changed or newly constructed within the last 3 years
  • Property currently “For Sale”

If you are interested, please submit your contest application in person to Municipal Hall (5806 Beach Ave, Peachland) before 4:00PM on Friday, May 20, 2016. Peachland Xeriscape Demonstration Project- Contest 2016 - info and application