Zoning Bylaw 2100 - First Reading

Zoning Bylaw 2100 - First Reading

On Tuesday October 28th the District of Peachland's Council gave first reading to the draft Zoning bylaw 2100. The draft was prepared by Peachland staff for council review and will now be circulated to stakeholder groups and government agencies for analysis and comment.

Next Steps

  • November 2014 - Referral to technical experts, stakeholder groups and government agencies for comment
  • January 2015 - Target for futher consolidation of comments in Bylaw 2100, as may be required
  • May 2015 - Target for Second Reading of amended bylaw.
  • June 2015 - Target for consideration at Public Hearing.
  • June 2015 - Target for Third Reading and submission for Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure approval

    Summary of Changes

  • Affordable Housing - The issue of affordable housing was comprehensively reviewed with a focus on the legalization of secondary suites and garden suites.
  • Secondary Suites - Secondary Suites - Allowed as an accessory use within single family residential zones. Policies regarding legalization incentives and enforcement approaches to follow in future policy documents.
  • Garden Suites - Permitted as a use within most residential zones. OCP guidelines will be developed to address their design through the development permit process.
  • Residential Flex Unites - Permitted in selected multi-unit residential zones to accommodate changing household needs over time.
  • Bed and Breakfasts - Allow to have up to four units of accommodation as long as each unit of accommodation in provided parking and appropriate screening.
  • Modernization of Definitions and Language - Definitions have been reviewed and revised to reflect best practices, facilitate easy interpretation and to provide a more reader-friendly document to Council, staff, the development community and the general public.
  • Presentation - Streamlined formatting is complemented by tables and graphics.

    The first draft of the zoning bylaw is available for review online and at the district office.

  • Zoning Bylaw Part 1-5
  • Zoning Bylaw Part 6
  • Zoning Bylaw Part 7
  • Zoning Bylaw Part 8
  • Zoning Bylaw Map

    Zoning Bylaw Review and Upate 2012 - 2013

    Over the past several months the District of Peachland’s Council and staff have been working with Urban Systems in Kelowna to update the Zoning Bylaw. The process to date is outlined below:

    • November 2012 - Inital Staff Meeting
    • January / February 2013 - Background Study of Planning Documents
    • February 2013 - Meeting with Council and Stakeholders
    • February / April 2013 - Technical Review of Known Issues
    • April / May 2013 - Assessment of Best Practices and Preparation of Recommendations

    On June 18th, 2013 Council participated in a workshop with staff and Urban Systems to discuss potential changes to the District of Peachland’s Zoning Bylaw. During this workshop Council provided feedback to staff and Urban Systems regarding key focus issues such as Sustainability, Parking, Hillside Development and Affordable Housing.

    Focus Issues:

    • Sustainability: The workshop discussion on sustainability focused on several guiding themes of the Sustainable Downtown Peachland Neighbourhood Plan. Topics covered in this discussion included: solar panels and renewable energy; minimum lot sizes; environmental best practices for development; electric car plug-ins; and urban agriculture.
    • Hillside Development: The hillside development portion of the workshop focused on implementing best-practice regulations for sustainable development on steep slopes. The objective of this initiative is to ensure the safety and well-being of Peachland residents through the creation bylaws.
    • Parking: During the workshop Council reviewed and evaluated the current parking situation in Downtown Peachland. The topics covered in this discussion included: existing parking regulations; relaxing parking requirements; parking lot design; bicycle parking; and parking reduction strategies.
    • Affordable Housing: The issue of affordable housing was comprehensively reviewed by Council. The workshop discussion on affordable housing focused on: the legalization of secondary suits and garden suits; the enforcement of illegal dwellings; minimum lot sizes and the subdivision of lots; and infrastructure capacity.

    Over the course of the workshop there were also general discussions regarding infill development, bed and breakfasts and short-term tourist accommodations in existing dwellings.

    Public Open Houses

    July 14, 2013 - Heritage Park at the Rotary Gazebo

    The Peachland Zoning Bylaw update is proceeding forward. On July 14th, 2013 the District of Peachland and Urban Systems will be hosting an open house at the Peachland Farmers Market. This will provide an opportunity for Peachland residents to provide feedback to Council regarding the proposed bylaw changes, as well as the specific issues mentioned above.


    Community Planners from the District of Peachland and Urban Systems will be available throughout the Open House to answer questions and queries related to the Zoning Bylaw update.

    Please see link below for a printout of this information

    Open House July 14, 2013

    July 14, 2013 Public Consultation Results

    The open house with over 75 members of the public in attendance was successful in engaging a large segment of the community that would otherwise not have provided feedback by attending a typical community meeting about this project. Many participants who were engaged during this Open House were pleased to have an opportunity to provide input. Several residents stated that they “appreciated the accessibility of the event”, saying they “enjoyed the opportunity to participate.”

    The Open House and the survey provided a unique opportunity for Peachland residents and visitors alike to provide feedback on the current Zoning Bylaw update outside of the District’s regular approach to community engagement (e.g. meetings held in the community centre etc.) Survey feedback was received from a total of 31 responses, including both online and paper surveys collected.

    The residents who were engaged during this Open House showed a general trend of being in favour of the changes proposed for the draft Zoning Bylaw this was largely confirmed by the survey results. The Open House and resulting survey provided an opportunity to look deeper into some issues. Some issues however, were inconclusive based on the survey results. Public opinion on the issue of garden suites (50:50) and reducing the minimum lot sizes (52:45) did not result in consensus at this point in time.

    In terms of the question relating to reducing minimum required parking spaces, almost ¾ of those surveyed indicated opposition. Given that the survey was conducted at a busy event and during the summer season, this may have amplified the response. Also, there could have been more questions or analysis on this issue to provide greater guidance on what might be done in the future.

    In general these findings highlight an opportunity for the District to further explore in greater detail directions on garden suites and downtown parking at the next community engagement session on September 18, 2013 by focusing on having deeper discussions and allowing for further investigation into the underlying reasons behind the split opinions of the respondents.

    September 18, 2013 - Peachland Council Chambers 4450 6th Street (4 p.m. to 7 p.m.)

    The open house will take place in Peachland Council Chambers from 4p.m. to 7p.m. (drop in format). Community planners from the Districts of Peachland and Urban Systems Ltd. will be available to answer any questions or inquiries relating to the Zoning Bylaw review.

    Public Open House September 18, 2013