Mayor Patrick Van Minsel


Mayor Patrick Van Minsel

Patrick was born in Leuven, Belgium, on February 23rd, 1966.

He left high school with a degree in economics and mathematics. After high school, he attended KHH and graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy and Taxation. Patrick worked as an accountant for a few years.

He joined his wife Laura in her fitness business in 1993 and soon after they started more companies in different economic sectors. Prime sectors were fitness, wellness & beauty, and the takeout food sector.

They sold their businesses between 2008 and 2013.

After these thriving careers, in September 2011, Patrick and his wife Laura moved to Peachland. They opened A Day's Dream B&B, named after their Leon Berger dog, Day. They also started a wine tour company, Winelicious Tours, and partnered with a Belgian Master Chocolatier in Vancouver, creating the company Xocolicious. In 2016 the B&B and wine tour businesses were sold.

Since 2021 Patrick has operated a consultancy business, PVM Consulting, giving financial advice to young families and adults.

As a newcomer to Peachland, Patrick became a volunteer for the Peachland Chamber of Commerce. In 2012 Patrick was elected to the Chamber's Executive Board as Treasurer; in 2014, he became Interim-President. In May 2014, Patrick took on the management duties of the Chamber as General Manager and continued to work in this position.

In addition to his duties with Peachland Chamber, Patrick is a co-founder of BEEPS, founder of the Peachland Recovery Taskforce, co-founder of the Okanagan Folk School Society, and a member of Peachland Rotary Club, and assists in organizing community events with other Peachland community organizations.

After Serving the District of Peachland as a Councillor for four years, Patrick became Mayor of Peachland in November 2022.


COMMITTEES Peachland Fire Hall Advisory Committee Peachland Tourism and Economic Development Committee Central Okanagan Economic Development Committee Okanagan Regional Library Board of Directors Peachland Hub Steering Committee Okanagan, We Got This Committee

COMMUNITY GROUPS Okanagan Folk School Society Co-Founder Peachland Rotary Club - Member Peachland Wheel Nuts Member Peachland 50+ Activity Centre Member Peachland Wellness Centre Volunteer & Member Bat Ecological and Protection Society (BEEPS) Co-Founder Peachland Covid-19 Recovery Taskforce Founder

EVENTS Peachland Canada Day Concerts in Heritage Park Organizer Peachland New Year's Eve Party Organizer

Cell: 250.470.8557