2017 Civic Awards

2017 Civic Awards

Wedding Anniversaries

  • Eldon and Donna Kerbes celebrated their 50th Anniversary on July 2, 2016
  • June and Brian Kilpatrick celebrated their 60th Anniversary on May 3, 2018
  • Brain and Barbara Clowes celebrated their 50th Anniversary on Sept 2, 2017
  • Bill and Joan Dupuis celebrated their 60th Anniversary on Sep 7, 2017
  • Excellence in Community Spirit: Rubber Ducky Race

    The Rubber Ducky Race, a fundraiser for BEEPS, is an excellent family activity held during the spring. The event promotes community engagement, with attendees from the Peachland Sportsmen Association, Fire and Rescue Services, The Peachland Chamber of Commerce, Citizens on Patrol, Peachland Ambassadors, BEEPS, and Tai Chi.

    Excellence in Volunteerism: Linda Sarsons

    Linda Sarsons, described as the heart of the Ambassadors program, has worked tirelessly with kids in the Peachland Ambassadors program since 2012. Linda established the Jr. Ambassadors and Little Buddies to expand the reach of the program.

    Excellence in Education: Boys and Girls Club

    The Boys and Girls Club, which started with mobile service in Peachland, has grown to include preschool, after school care, recreation programs and community events. The Boys and Girls Club Promotes education, skill building and lifelong learning through play. The Club makes a positive difference in the lives of young people in our community.

    Patricia Burrows, was also presented with a Certificate of Recognition for her contributions to the club, her leadership, and her contributions to the community.

    Excellence in Heritage: Don Wigfield

    Don Wigfield works tirelessly to preserve Peachland’s unique history. He is the resident author for the Peachland Historical Society and has authored and edited The Roads of Peachland: The Historical Origins of their Names, The Chronicles of Peachland: History of the Years 1984-2012, The Story of Peachland, Peachland Memories, The Chronicles of Peachland: History of the Years from the beginning to 1983. Don also sat on the Peachland Centennial Committee.

    Excellence in Community Accessibility: Doug Reeves

    Doug Reeves is a transportation driver with over 90 hours per year. Doug assists others with getting to and from their doctors appointments, picking up groceries, banking, social outings and more. Doug has driven more than any other driver has, and demonstrates care and wellbeing for those he drives.

    Excellence in Environment and Conservation: BEEPS

    BEEPS, Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society, promotes the protection and preservation of bat species while also integrating education with recreation through participation in local community events. Guano is collected by the Fire Brigade, packaged by BEEPS, and sold as a retail item for gardening. A pilot project for the use of guano has begun with a section of grapes at Saxon winery that was under producing. BEEPS will collect and use the data to share as part of their education program for crop enhancement, particularly on commercial properties.

    Excellence in Leadership (2 nominees): Deborah Livingstone

    During her tenure as president of the Peachland Arts Council, Deborah Livingstone has seen the establishment and growth of the Peachland Art Gallery. Deborah fills in when volunteers are unavailable, decorates the Canada Day Cake, works on annual exhibitions, coordinated the 2018 HeARTS festival and is a member of the art hanging team. Deborah supports the development of a variety of programming including concerts, book presentations, sip and paint, and more.

    Excellence in Health and Wellness: Barb Oleschuk

    Barb Oleschuk has served at the Peachland Wellness Centre since 2009 in a variety of capacities (Director, Vice-President, President). Barb is also a volunteer facilitator for the Wellness Circle and the Dementia Caregiver Support Group, volunteer driver, and co-facilitator for the Alzheimer’s’ Society of BC. Barb provides valuable supports for individuals who would typically have to travel to Kelowna for the same services.

    Excellence in Civic Engagement: Dora Stewart

    Dora Stewart is an advocate for citizen engagement and is politically active in municipal affairs having served on the Peachland Ratepayers Association, Peachland Residents Association, Citizens for Responsible Community Planning, Peachland Voters Association, Peachland Compost Committee, Yard Waste Select Committee, Highway 97 in Place, Peachland Watershed Alliance, Friends of Beach Ave, and the Peachland Watershed Alliance.

    Unsung Hero: Sheral Moore

    Sheral Moore is an active volunteer with the Breakfast Program, Transportation Driver and as a Friendly Visitor. Sheral cooks for the Meal Program at the West Kelowna shelter (up to 30 people), and participates in the Samaritan Children’s Gift box program. Sheral provides valuable connection to seniors in our community.

    Lifetime Service (15 Years of Service or more):

    • Peachland Lions
    • Judy Bedford
    • Werner Fischer & Joerg Hoerath

    Youth Citizen of the Year: Avery Takenaka

    Avery Takenaka became a candidate of the Peachland Ambassadors in 2017 and is part of the reigning team. Avery has volunteered at 27 community events and has attended 3 pageants. Avery assists with the Little Buddies program, volunteers Sundays at the nursery in her church and also assisted the Ambassadors program in the past with the fashion show, Jewelry sales, speech contests and pageants. Avery has also performed with the Peachland Players.

    Citizen of the Year: Darlene Hartford

    Darlene Hartford sits on the Peachland Chamber of Commerce, BEEPS Board of Directors, is a Visitor Centre volunteer, Co-founder of the Rubber Ducky Race, and also writes children’s books for BEEPS. Darlene was on the Canada 150 committee (spear headed business engagement with peach boxes and décor; Canada 150 brochure of events; and grant development), assisted with the Canada 150 Scavenger Hunt and Opening Ceremonies, as well as spearheading the Canada 150 project “Gathering Peachland’s Past”.

    Green Citizen of the Year: Darlene Romanko

    Darlene Romanko has completed her 2nd year training as a Master Gardener. Darlene is a member of the Peachland Rose Show Committee, participates in Seedy Saturday/Sunday events in the Okanagan, and is a facilitator of the gardens at the Peachland Wellness Centre. Darlene also volunteers for the Intergenerational Land and Learning program for grade 6 and 8 students at the Summerland Ornamental Gardens.