2019 Citizens' Survey

2019 Peachland Citizen Survey

Thank-you to everyone who participated in the 2019 Peachland Citizen Survey. The survey is now closed and the results will be shared mid-June.

Provide your thoughts on quality of life, municipal services, consumption, production, and sale of cannabis -- among many other topics – with the 2019 Peachland Citizen Survey.

The last Citizen Survey was completed in 2016. Your feedback helped with several community success stories including:

  • Securing grant funding for the Water Treatment Plant
  • Implementation of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Creation of a new Official Community Plan

Two Survey Versions – OPEN & CLOSED

There are two versions of the Peachland Citizen Survey – OPEN and CLOSED. The questions in each survey are identical. The OPEN version is available to all residents, whereas the CLOSED version was mailed to 1000 randomly selected residents and only available to those who received the invite. The purpose of the CLOSED version of the survey is so we can produce statistical measurements of the target population (Peachland residents) without bias and have a measurable margin of error. A statistically significant survey will provide confidence that the sample population represents the whole.

Survey Timeline

The survey will be open from April 23, 2019 and will close at 11:59pm on May 21, 2019.

How to Complete the Survey

The survey is available online. Paper copies are also available at the District Office.

  • OPEN SurveyClick Here to provide your feedback.
  • CLOSED Survey – If you received a letter in the mail inviting you to complete the survey, please CLICK HERE and enter the password provided in your letter (link and password are case sensitive)

We look forward to hearing from Peachland residents to guide our community planning and services over the next few years.