Ray Kandola Heritage Pier

The Ray Kandola Heritage Pier:

Fishing Forever

Each year, The Peachland Sportsmenís Association hosts Fishing Forever events in Heritage Park, recognizing that there are people in their community that could benefit greatly from a day out fishing, if they could only get there, and every summer for hundreds of disabled anglers, this Club makes that happen. Life is to be enjoyed! But the waterfront is difficult to fish from...

Three local service clubs Ė the Sportsmenís Association, Peachland Lions Club and the Rotary Club of Peachland Ė have achieved their goal to build a new wheelchair accessible pier in downtown Peachland. The Ray Kandola Heritage Pier is a 120-metre long fixed structure running parallel to the shoreline of Heritage Park in downtown Peachland. Breakout areas allow people to fish while the main pier features wheelchair access with benches to rest and take in the Okanagan Lake views. We envision a place where youngsters can try their hand at fishing while meeting the needs of people who have had to give up their pastime because of physical limitations.

The Ray Kandola Heritage Pier

This pier is the first of its kind on Okanagan Lake and adds accessibility to what is currently a unusable area of Peachlandís downtown waterfront.

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For more information, go to www.peachlandpier.com.

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