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Shoreline Restoration Project

Shoreline Restoration Project

Public Open House

Join us on Tuesday, June 18 4:00-7:00 pm at the Peachland Community Centre to view the Shoreline Restoration Project. Information available at the Open House is listed below and will also be in the Community Centre lobby until June 18th.


What is the Shoreline Restoration Project?

On June 8, 2017, Peachland suffered significant damage as a result of record breaking high waters combined with a southern storm. Emergency riprap was installed to protect Beach Avenue and other critical infrastructure.

The District has since been working with a Hydrotechnical Professional Engineer with a Coastal Specialty on possible restoration options for the shoreline.

Federal and Provincial permitting requires priority focus on the following:

  • Protecting sensitive species or habitats
  • Enhancing environmental values such as habitat creation
  • Preservation of archeological interests

Council has also identified the following objectives for waterfront restoration:

  • The plan shall maximize useable beach while protecting critical infrastructure
  • A combination of riprap, logs and plantings are to be used for infrastructure/scour protection
  • Pedestrian access points to the beach are at a maximum of 170m apart and are located at every crosswalk

What other concerns need to be addressed during the restoration process? Please contact Cheryl Wiebe if you have any feedback or if you would like any additional information about this project. Feedback will be received until Tuesday, June 18th.

Before and After


The Plan

Section 1 - 8th Street-Strachans Corner
Section 2 - Strachans Corner-11th Street
Section 3 - 11-13th Street

Future Design

Foreshore plan


This will be a multi-year project. The District has recently received a grant from Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) for $145,000 to conduct flood risk assessment and mitigation planning. This documentation will help identify the priority and highest risk areas of the foreshore for restoration. This process will also help the District apply for future grant funding for the mitigation work.

  • Phase 1 - Complete the Flood Risk Assessment and Flood Mitigation Plan - Fall 2019
  • Phase 2 - Restoration of areas of failure during the 2017 floods including Centennial Way (2 sections) - Fall 2019
  • Phase 3 - Initiate permitting (Archeological, Environmental and Fisheries) - Spring 2020
  • Phase 4 - Complete the foreshore restoration plan as funding permits - 2020-2024
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