Winter Road Maintenance


Please use caution and defensive driving practices when operating a vehicle under winter conditions. In order to enhance your winter driving safety, please ensure that your vehicle is equipped with good winter tires and/or chains.


There are 140 roads in Peachland totalling 65 km. Each road can take 2 - 4 passes to completely plow. Snow conditions (heavy/wet or light/fluffy) affect plowing and sanding time. Operators strive to get the roads in safe drivable condition as soon as they can. The District of Peachland policy, as approved by Council, is to have major arterial roads plowed within 12 hours, secondary collector roads plowed within 36 hours and residential streets plowed within 96 hours.

The School bus routes are done first, then the steepest roads and connector roads. Side streets, flat roads and cul-de-sacs are done last, unless they form part of completing a route in the most efficient, cost effective and time-saving way. Equipment breakdowns are unavoidable and unscheduled and do create frustrating delays in plowing and/or sanding.

Find details about Snow Removal Priorities in Peachland.

Snow plowing and sanding may also be delayed by vehicles disabled in deep snow, vehicles parked on the road allowance, severe weather and whiteout conditions, equipment rendered inadequate by the depths of the snow or drifts, refuelling the trucks, refilling of sand, installing chains or new blades and unforeseen emergencies.

  • Road boulevards and right-of-ways, during winter conditions, MUST be kept clear of vehicles, boats and RVs.
  • Vehicles found parked or stored on road right of ways in excess of 72 hours or obstructing traffic will be subjected to a ticket and/or towed.
  • Vehicles with expired plates or without licence plates that are parked on District boulevards or road right of ways are considered abandoned and can be towed without notice.


Plowing snow into driveways is unavoidable. Property owners are expected to remove the snow from their driveways. Always keep spring thaw in mind when selecting where to pile the snow. Do not push snow into the middle of the road.

Sidewalks and Walkways

Property Owners are responsible for clearing of snow and ice from sidewalks or footpaths bordering their property. If the property owner fails to clear the sidewalk, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer has the authority to have the snow removed at the property owner's expense. Our Operations Department and Parks Department remove snow from sidewalks adjacent to civic buildings, selected parks and pedestrian accesses. If you wish to report a sidewalk area not cleared, please call the Public Works office at 250.767.2108. The District will plow sidewalks on major arterial routes that have no abutting residences or businesses, sidewalks fronting bus routes, schools and businesses as well as walkways to, from and through parks and public areas.

Ice Control

The District may spray magnesium chloride on high priority streets in advance of and during a snow storm to improve road traffic safety. Salt and sand are more typically utilized as needed.

Resident Responsibilities

Residents are expected to plan for the following:

  • To be patient.
  • To shovel the snow ridge to the left side in front of your driveway.
  • To shovel the sidewalk in front of your residence.
  • To NOT shovel snow onto the roadway which makes it unsafe for other drivers.
  • To expect slippery conditions, drive with caution and to have winter tires on your vehicle.
  • To NOT park on the street.
  • To have alternate plans in place if you need to get out during a heavy snowfall warning.
  • To have a shovel, sand and/or deicer as essential ice control tools.
  • To make snow clearing arrangements if you are sick, absent or injured. Coordinate with neighbors, friends, family, contractors or community volunteers for snow clearing. You may also call the Peachland Wellness Center at 250.767.0141 for a list of contractors who provide snow clearing services.

Snowplow Truck and Sanding