Sometimes the project you have in mind doesn't need a building permit. Check the list below for things that can be completed without obtaining a building permit first.

Just because you don't need a building permit doesn't mean other permits may not be required. Be sure to check the Other Permits page for District of Peachland permits that may apply.

Projects that don't require a permit include:

  • Minor renovations like painting, decorating, or installing new flooring
  • Minor roof repairs like re-shingling (anything structural needs a building permit)
  • Replacing existing plumbing fixtures
  • Replacing windows and doors, provided they are the same size as the existing ones
  • Installing fencing (except for around swimming pools). Check the Zoning Bylaw for regulations.
  • Changes that DO NOT add or remove walls
  • Changes that DO NOT add or remove plumbing fixtures
  • Changes that DO NOT add or remove heating systems
  • Exterior finish repair or replacement
  • Accessory structures (i.e. garden shed) less than 10 square meters (108 square feet)
  • Landscaping and sidewalks provided you are not in a development permit area (Check the Other Permits page)
  • Constructing arbours and trellises
  • Constructing decks less than 2 feet above ground
  • Building landscape walls less than 1.22 meters (4.0 feet) in height
  • Placing a temporary construction trailer for a project for which a building permit has already been issued.