Snow Removal Priorities


The priorities are:

  • Street Intersections
  • Stop Signs
  • Hills
  • Curves
  • School Zones
  • Bus Stops



  • Priority 1
    Driving lanes on major arterial roads plowed within 12 hours.
  • Priority 2
    Driving lanes on secondary collector roads plowed to compacted snow surface within 36 hours.
  • Priority 3
    Driving lanes on residential streets plowed to a compacted snow surface within 96 hours.


  • Priority 1
    All intersections and roads sanded within 4 hours.
  • Priority 2
    All intersections and roads sanded with 6 hours of completion of Priority 1.
  • Priority 3
    All roads sanded with 12 hours of completion of Priority 2.


Residents and businesses shall be responsible for clearing of snow from sidewalks in front of their property as soon as possible following a snowfall in accordance with District Bylaws.

As time and equipment permits, the Municipality may clean sidewalks after a snowfall. Ice Control (non hazardous material) will be limited to sidewalks fronting Municipal facilities or as directed by the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

  • Priority 1
    Sidewalks on major arterials that have no abutting residences or businesses.
  • Priority 2
    Sidewalks fronting bus routes, schools and businesses.
  • Priority 3
    Sidewalks fronting residences.


Snow Removal shall be undertaken in situations where lack of adequate storage prohibits the normal winter movement of vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic and for reasons of safety such as sigh restrictions at intersections.

  • Priority 1
    Streets in the downtown area.
  • Priority 2
    Locations where sight restrictions are created by piled snow.
  • Priority 3
    Wind drifts of snow at bus stops, school drop off zones and important public and business areas.