How to Make Your Home FireSmart


Sparks and embers can be thrown up to 2 kilometres ahead of a wildfire. These can ignite materials on or near your home which can be potentially devastating. These FireSmart guidelines will help you create a defensible space around your home, minimizing your fire risk.

Create a FireSmart Home Ignition Zone

The FireSmart Zone is the area around your home. Start at your home and work your way outwards. Changes made to the area closest to your home and your home itself will have the greatest impact on reducing the risk of wildfire damage. Download your copy of the Firesmart BC Begins at Home Guide and the FireSmart BC Landscaping Guide to use as reference.

Tips to FireSmart Your Home (click to open pdf)

Tips to FireSmart Your Home

FireSmart Home Ignition Zone (click to open pdf)

Home Ignition Zone