2021 Civic Awards

2021 Civic Awards

Wedding Anniversary: Albert and Bernice Galpin - September 16, 2021

Excellence in Community Service – Dorothy Cobb

Since 2014, Dorothy has been a Volunteer Facilitator for the Wellness Centre’s Bereavement Support Group. She also volunteers with the Rotary Club, Canadian Cancer Agency and the United Church. Through the friendly caller program, she reaches out to more than 12 people each week to provide connection to residents in need of support. She provides cheerful support to the people she serves and builds trust and respect in their relationships. Through her past experience as a nurse, nurse educator, and healthcare administrator, she contributes a wealth of knowledge on all healthcare related topics.

Excellence in Community Spirit - Elizabeth Varjassay

Elizabeth volunteered in many ways throughout the community including as a Section Head in the Fall Fair and at the Peachland Wellness Centre. Each Christmas she would dress as Mrs. Clause to sing for the Children of Peachland Elementary. She volunteered with passion and put her all into everything she did. Elizabeth passed away in December of 2021, but she left behind a legacy of volunteer involvement and community spirit.

Excellence in Heritage Preservation – Marv and Linda Norden

Together, Marv and Linda work to preserve and promote a unique piece of Peachland’s history. She is driven to showcase the Little Schoolhouse and create a vibrant hub by coordinating programs and events such as the English Tea and summer artist series. He serves as a behind-the-scenes man who performs a variety of repairs and upgrade work to help maintain the schoolhouse for the community.

Excellence in Volunteerism - Valerie Wood

Valerie has been a volunteer co-facilitator for the Peachland Wellness Centre since 2018. She helped adapt to COVID-19 restrictions by moving programs outdoors or other locations to meet social distancing. She is a kind-hearted, good listener and contributes her knowledge and experience as a registered therapeutic counsellor to help support residents who are coping with the loss of a loved family member. She also volunteers with the Central Okanagan Hospice Association walking group.

Excellence in Environment and Conservation – Bella Huang

Bella is engaged in natural, chemical free viticulture production. Her business, Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery produces certified organic wines and uses energy efficient gravity flow method during production. In 2021, she implemented additional environmentally sustainable practices including pollinator gardens, designated areas for bat friendly plants, installation of a bat house to control invasive insects, use of bat guano as natural fertilizer, and use of hawks for rodent control. She also collaborated on the creation of the “BEEPS in the Vineyard Trail Walk” to draw attention to the value of bats in agriculture and organic farming and winemaking.

Excellence in Community Inclusion – Kristen Friesen

Kristen provides Peachlanders with a choice in journalism and offers opportunities for a wide variety of voices and stories to be heard. She is a champion of community groups large and small and features full page articles for local community groups to help them promote their events and offerings. She helps link together individuals, community groups, and businesses to encourage collaboration and inclusivity within Peachland.

Excellence in Arts Promotion – Marty Edwards

Marty is an internationally known musician who uses his platform to promote live entertainment in and around Peachland. He dedicates his talents to supporting a variety of community fundraisers and events including the Rotary Gala, Peace Concerts, the District’s annual Christmas Eve social, and Peachland’s Original “New York New Year’s Eve” event. Throughout the pandemic, he has used his social media presence to advocate for the safe return of live music, to show support for first responders and “frontline heroes,” and to encourage everyone to do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Unsung Hero – Pamela Collingwood

Pam works tirelessly to support the most vulnerable people of Peachland. She volunteers in a diverse variety of roles including administration, as a driver with the Wellness Centre’s transportation program, and at annual events. She is a cheerful volunteer who is full of energy, and her compassion and dedication to her community inspires those around her. She loves helping, has a sunny disposition, and always takes time to chat with program participants. She is extremely compassionate and goes above and beyond to help others.

Green Citizens of the Year – Mark Meisner and Ann Sutherland

Mark and Ann recently completed construction of their “passive house” which is built to the highest energy-based standard in the construction industry. It consumes 90% less energy for heating and cooling compared to a traditional home. They opted to install very high levels of insulation, selected carefully sized windows, have no gas appliances, and use small supplemental electric heating.

Councilors’ Award of Merit – Peachland Ambassadors

The Peachland Ambassadors helps local youth and children develop confidence and a wide array of skills that they can carry through their life. Originally founded in 1947, they are now celebrating a staggering 75 years of community service. They are present at nearly every community event welcoming attendees, leading children’s games, offering face painting, and lending a helping hand. What’s more, they do it all with a smile.

Mayor’s Award of Merit – Don Wigfield

Don is a resident and local historian who literally wrote the book on Peachland’s past. Since arriving in Peachland, he has channeled his passion for all things historical into several texts to share Peachland’s unique stories. Through his writing, editing, and compilation of books including The Story Peachland, The Chronicles of Peachland, Peachland Memories, and The Roads of Peachland, he has meticulously researched and documented Peachland’s rich history to be preserved for generations to come.

Youth Citizen of the Year – Evie Hoyer

Evie is a very dependable volunteer who respects others and exhibits patience and compassion. She is the youngest full-time volunteer with the Peachland Wellness Centre and dedicates many hours each week. She assists as a member of the PWC’s events team, provides administrative support, helps train seniors on iPads and other technologies, and contributes to various other community initiatives. She also volunteers with Maple Springs Bible Camp, Kelowna Gospel Mission, and family camp. She is a role model for other teens.

Citizen of the Year – Linda Sarsons

Linda continues to give back to the community year after year. She is the driving force behind the Peachland Ambassadors and organizes events and initiatives including the St. Patrick’s Day Dog Parade, Children’s Valentines Party, Ambassadors Pageant, speech contest, and Easter Tea. Thanks to her efforts, the Ambassadors program persevered throughout the pandemic allowing young people to continue building and developing life skills. She can always be counted on to bring the Ambassador candidates to Peachland events to provide volunteer support. Over the years, she has served Peachland in a number of capacities: in 2001, she worked towards the renovation of the Peachland Wellness Centre; she served two years as secretary of the Peachland Voters Association; and she annually raises funds for cancer research. Thanks to her efforts, the Ambassadors program has stayed alive and thriving for Peachland youth.

Lifetime Service Award-15 years – Al Springer

Lifetime Service Award-50 years – Don Wilson

Lifetime Service Award-40 years – Hospital Auxiliary to KGH