Foreshore Flood Mitigation 03-APR-23

April 3, 2023 The Foreshore Flood Mitigation project is kicking off this week on Beach Avenue between 5th Street and Swim Bay. There will be equipment arriving on site over the next few days and the area will soon be fenced off to accommodate the works. Pedestrian detours will be in place on the opposite side of Beach Avenue, please ensure that the barriers are respected, they’re there for both the safety of the contractors and the public. Traffic may be occasionally affected to allow for site access and dumping but there are no long-term road closures anticipated for the project duration. A variety of work will be undertaken to strengthen the foreshore including dredging within Swim Bay, installation of protective log structures (similar to those already in place along the shoreline) and re-keying of riprap. Substantial completion is expected in early to mid-May. Thank you for your patience as this project goes forward, updates will be posted here and on the District website as they become available.