Council Highlights May 23, 2023

Council Highlights May 23, 2023


Beach Avenue Zoning Amendment Project Council took part in a workshop to discuss the District’s Beach Avenue Zoning Amendment Project. The project will eventually result in a new zone, CR3 – Beach Avenue Mixed Use, intended for parcels fronting Beach Avenue. Council provided input on building heights, siting, lot coverage and density for this zone. The input will be used to draft amendment bylaws to incorporate the new zone which will be taken to Council for consideration. You can review the meeting via webcast by visiting


Affordable Housing Project Phase 2

Council rose and reported that they directed Administration to bring forward first and second readings for the Official Community Plan and Zoning Amendments to allow Phase 2 of the Peachland Seniors’ Support Society affordable housing project for the May 23, 2023 Regular Council Meeting. The project, a partnership with BC Housing and the District of Peachland, is planned for four parcels on 5th Street, 4426, 4440, 4444 and 4450. Council directed that the provision of on-site parking be a requirement of the development, that half of the DCCs be paid by BC Housing (the District would pay the rest) and that the Tenancy Selection Process be governed solely by the Peachland Seniors’ Support Society and that a covenant be placed on title setting thresholds for Peachland reside nts.

Council gave the Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment first and second reading. A Public Hearing will be held at a future date prior to third reading.

Next Council Meeting

Peachland Council’s next regular meeting is Tuesday, June 13, 2023 beginning at 6:00 pm. Keep informed; subscribe to get news and event information emailed directly to you at