Four-Legged Goose Patrol Volunteers Sought

Four-Legged Goose Patrol Volunteers Sought

Peachland, B.C. Ė Does your dog like to put birds on the run? You and your pooch might be prime candidates for Peachlandís new Goose Patrol.

The District of Peachland is looking for volunteer dog owners to join a pilot program to patrol local parks and beaches and scare away migratory birds without harming them.

A single Canadian goose can poop up to two pounds a day and this waste constitutes a risk to human health and makes parks and beaches less enjoyable.

The District of Peachland conducts regular cleanup of waterfowl waste at its parks and is a member of the Okanagan Valley Goose Management Program. A variety of techniques are used in Peachland including scarecrows, reflective tape, irritant laser, distasteful liquids in grassy areas and noisemakers. The Goose Patrol will be another tactic in the fight to keep our public parks cleaner.

Birds can be scared, but not harmed. Dogs will need to be on leash while they patrol and will be given a high-visibility vest to identify them. Goose Patrol members will be provided a permit allowing access to certain parks at specific times of day. All volunteers will be vetted through an interview process.

Interested dog owners can contact the Operations Department at (250) 767-2108 for more information or to volunteer.

PLEASE DONíT FEED THE GEESE (or any wildlife, for that matter).