Council Highlights June 13, 2023

Council Highlights - June 13, 2023

Beach Avenue Zoning Amendment Project Council endorsed a new zone, CR3 Ė Beach Avenue Mixed Use, and Beach Avenue property owners who are interested can now apply to rezone their property to CR3. The new zone was prompted by the Districtís ongoing Beach Avenue Zoning Amendment Project (BAZAP), an early initiative of Council to devise new zoning regulations for the frontage of Beach Avenue. The BAZAP has been carried out in conjunction with the Zoning Bylaw Review Project, which among other things, clarifies the future use and location of the existing CR1 and CR2 zones. A CR3 zone has been created as an alternative for parcels with frontage on Beach Avenue and specifically restricts building height to three storeys. Other highlights of the CR3 zoning regulations include:

  • Uses that do not support active and vibrant frontages are only permitted on the second and third storeys.
  • Uses that do not support active and vibrant frontages are only permitted on the second and third storeys.
  • The minimum lot area is 1,000 m2 (0.25 acres).
  • The maximum density is 0.75 FAR with a bonus density provision up to 1.5 FAR.
  • The minimum residential dwelling unit size is 65 m2 (700 ft2).
  • The minimum setback from the front lot line is 4.5 metres (14.8 feet).

Council Code of Conduct Bylaw Council gave first three readings to a Council and Committee Code of Conduct Bylaw, but has requested clarification on a few points. The proposed bylaw sets out rules members must follow in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities as elective or appointed officials. This bylaw will replace the Districtís current Code of Conduct and, along with conflict of interest rules and confidentiality requirements, will include guidance related to conduct issues and complaint and resolution procedures.

Active Transportation Network Plan Council approved the 2023 Active Transportation Network Plan as a guiding framework for future improvements to Peachlandís pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. The District received grant funding from the BC Active Transportation Grant Program to develop the plan and will implement recommendations as funding opportunities become available and development occurs. The plan is available to review on the Districtís website at

New Community Garden Council approved a request from the Peachland Wellness Centre to build and operate an intergenerational community garden on the south side of the Peachland Visitor Centre on Beach Avenue. Community gardening provides a way for a wide cross section of locals to practice a timeless craft in a safe and welcoming neighbourhood setting. The former site of the Peachland Wellness Centreís community garden was vacated to make way for a proposed affordable housing project.

Housing Accelerator Fund Council amended the 2023 Budget to approve $50,000 to complete an application to the Federal Governmentís Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF). The HAF provides incentive funding to local governments to encourage initiatives that ďremove barriers to housing supply, accelerate the growth of supply and support the development of complete, low-carbon and climate-resilient communities which are affordable, inclusive, equitable and diverse.Ē Applications must include an action plan with supply growth targets and initiatives to grow Peachlandís housing supply and speed up its development and building application approvals. The District will need to commit to a housing supply growth target in the action plan that has an average rate of growth by at least 10% and complete an updated housing needs assessment. The budgeted amount will be taken from the accumulated unspent surplus and will not impact the tax rate.

Council Remuneration and Expense Policy Council approved the Council Remuneration and Expense Policy, updating the 2018 policy to encompass all aspects of Councilís pay and expenses and to provide an oversight process for expenditures by elected officials. The policy sets base salaries, benefits, per diems and allowances. It also sets spending limits for Council members when traveling and attending to Council business outside of District boundaries and establishes a process for claiming expenses.

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