Council Highlights July 11, 2023

Peachland Council Meeting Highlights


Revenue Generation Council took part in a workshop about revenue generation for the municipality, discussing potential initiatives that could generate more revenue for the municipality. Several topics were discussed and Council agreed to request administration prepare a report with more information on instituting accommodation and tourism taxes and fees for parking and boat launch use. The Committeeís discussion can be reviewed at


Ponderosa Development

Council gave second reading to OCP and Zoning Amendment Bylaws intended to provide the legislative framework to support the Ponderosa Development Phasing Strategy, endorsed by Council at its meeting September 27, 2022. The former development project, which included a proposed 18-hole championship golf course, was not completed and ownership of the lands passed to two different landowners. After the original phased development agreement expired in 2021, the District began working with one of the owners, Romspen, to develop a revised phasing strategy to accommodate a new development concept. The new concept involves approximately 1,020 residential units, conditional on the construction of a 9-hole championship golf course and other amenities. The envisioned Romspen phasing strategy would require the golf course to be operational by November 2025, payment of $5,000/residential unit towards the Districtís affordable housing strategies and construction of a road connection between Somerset Road and Ponderosa Drive. The District will now schedule a Public Hearing on the proposed bylaws.

Water Restrictions Bylaw

Council granted the ability to initiate Stage 2 Watering Restrictions to the Director of Operations, rather than requiring a Council resolution to enact. This is particularly necessary due to limited Council meetings planned for the summer months when restrictions are more likely to apply. Stage 1 restrictions are always in effect in Peachland. These restrictions require properties to water as follows: even -numbered addresses on even calendar days and odd-numbered addresses on odd calendar days, allowing for watering 3-4 days of the week. Stage 2 restrictions would reduce outdoor watering to twice a week; with even numbered addresses permitted to water on Saturday and Tuesday and odd-numbered address on Sunday and Wednesday. As is becoming more typical, the Okanagan has experienced a very dry spring and water restrictions may be required depending on the availability of water in Peachlandís primary source for potable water, Peachland Lake.

Porto Peach

Council supported a liquor license application for Peachlandís newest restaurant, Porto Peach on Beach. Located at 5830 Beach Avenue, the restaurant hopes to open mid-July 2023 with a menu offering, breakfast, lunch and dinner service both inside the restaurant and on the outdoor patio. Councilís approval will be forwarded to the referral agency, the BC Liquor and Cannabis Licensing.

Council Committees

Council established the Peachland Accessibility Advisory Committee and appointed Councillors Condon and Brophy as Council representatives. The Committee was established to identify barriers within the District of Peachland and one of its first tasks will be to assist Council in developing an Accessibility Plan. Council will appoint five to seven people from the community to sit on the committee, seeking people with disabilities, people who support them, individuals who work for an organization that supports people with disabilities, and indigenous people.

Council also established the Peachland Climate Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force, adopting the terms of reference, and the Peachland Downtown Revitalization Action Advisory Task Force. Council appointed Councillor Ingram and Councillor Thom to the Peachland Climate Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force which was struck to advise Council on the development of a Climate Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan that addresses existing and emerging environmental sustainability and climate change issues and trends. Council will appoint five to seven members of the public to the board.

Council disbanded the following committees:

  • Public Art Advisory Committee
  • Tourism and Economic Development Committee
  • Mayorís Task Force on Climate Change; and
  • Healthy Watersheds Committee

If you are interested in volunteering to sit on one of Councilís advisory groups, please visit to find the application form in the Committees of Council policy.

Next Council Meeting

Peachland Councilís next regular meeting is Tuesday, August 29, 2023 beginning at 6:00 pm. Keep informed; subscribe to get news and event information emailed directly to you at