Council Highlights October 10, 2023


In Camera Rise and Report – Princeton Avenue Rezoning

Council agreed to hold an In Camera Meeting during its Regular Meeting October 10, 2023 and, following the In Camera, rose and reported this motion:

  • Council gave the rezoning application (File: Z20-02) third reading with the understanding that it would lead to the timely development of new housing units.
  • And that it is Council’s intention to support the development of new housing units in the most efficient and time-sensitive manner.

Be it resolved that:
  • Council defer consideration of adoption of Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2333, 2021, (File: Z20-02), for the property at 4607 Princeton Avenue until such time that a property transfer has been completed and new ownership confirms their development plans and timing.

2024 Permissive Tax Exemptions

Council adopted the 2024 permissive tax exemptions for the community. The Community Charter allows a municipality to adopt a Tax Exemption Bylaw each year, exempting properties from paying taxes. The District of Peachland’s Permissive Tax Exemption Policy allows Council to provide tax exemptions for properties that provide benefit to the community at large, not related to a commercial purpose. The tax impact of 2024 exemptions is $57,540, or approximately $13 per single-family dwelling.

Fire Prevention in Bylaw Updates

Council agreed to give first three readings to proposed bylaw changes with fire prevention in mind. Peachland Fire Chief Dennis Craig provided the rationale to the changes to the Business License Bylaw and the Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw to prohibit the sale of cedar trees, bushes or shrubs and fireworks within Peachland boundaries. Cedar bushes and shrubs are very susceptible to embers and they ignite easily. When planted near a structure, the risk of fire for that structure is high. FireSmart BC provides guidance to property owners regarding fire-resistant plants; Cedrous family plants have a “Highest Risk” identification for fire hazards.

Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw

Council gave first three readings to the Draft Subdivision and Development Servicing (SDS) Bylaw. As part of Peachland’s Development Approvals Process Review, the SDS Bylaw has been reviewed to ensure that the bylaw is consistent with other changes made as part of the broader review, address items that should be changed to be consistent with best practices in terms of procedures, and to address minor technical items. The proposed revisions make the bylaw easier to administer and increase the efficiency of the approval process.

Temporary Use Permit – Beach Avenue

Council discussed an application for a Temporary Use Permit to allow the property owners of 4124 Beach Avenue to occupy a recreational vehicle on the property, as they have been doing for several years. The District’s bylaws do not allow for this use on that property and a bylaw complaint prompted this permit request. Council voted on a motion to deny the permit, which was defeated, and then voted on a motion to allow the permit, which was also defeated. Still unsettled, the matter will be brought forward to the next Council meeting on October 24, 2023.

Renfrew Road and Hwy 97 Intersection Improvements

Mayor Patrick Van Minsel indicated that a partnership to improve the intersection of Renfrew Road and Highway 97 has been confirmed. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will fund the project and $100,000 will be funded by the District of Peachland monies provided by a developer. The intersection construction may begin as soon as this month.


Next Council Meeting

Peachland Council’s next regular meeting is Tuesday, October 24, 2023. Beginning at 4:00 pm Committee of the Whole will discuss the 2023 UBCM conference followed by the Regular Councill meeting at 6 pm. Keep informed; subscribe to get news and event information emailed directly to you at Find webcas