Fee for Water Turn Off/On Service


November 3, 2023

Fees Now Charged for Water Turn Off/On Service

Peachland, B.C. Ė The District of Peachland will now charge a fee for turning water services on and off, including additional charges for after-hours callouts.

In the past, the District has not charged property owners for water turn off/on services despite the fee outlined in its Water Rates Bylaw No. 1931. However, the number of requests and the cost of providing this service are continuing to increase. To ensure that Peachlandís water systems are self-funding, the enhanced enforcement of the fee for these services was necessary.

The fees for Water Turn Off/On Service now applicable are:

During Regular Office Hours (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, closed Statutory Holidays)

  • $75/occurrence, either turn on or turn off of water service. For example, when a homeowner has a water leak or is vacating their property for some time, they may request their water service be turned off and will be charged $75. When the leak is repaired or the homeowner returns, they may request a water turn on and will be charged $75.

Outside Regular Office Hours

  • $265/occurrence, either turn on or turn off of water service.
  • If water turn off and on occurs within a 3-hour period, only one callout charge will be levied.

Please note, only designated District of Peachland personnel can operate water service curb stop valves. Property owners face a fine of $500 and the cost of repairs for any damage due to unauthorized curb stop operation.

Except in emergency situations, 24 hours notice is required for water turn off/on service.

Request a water turn off/on by calling Peachlandís Operations Department at 250-767-2108 or email operations@peachland.ca.