Council Highlights November 28, 2023

Council Meeting Highlights - November 28, 2023

Peachlandís Close Up

Council was advised that a tv-movie pilot, Case for the Winemaker, a murder-mystery was filmed in Peachland this week by Lighthouse Productions from Vancouver. Peachlandís Visitorís Centre will feature in the production. The production donated $3,000 to the Peachland Foodbank, a donation matched by Lakeview Construction.

Peachland Food Bank Support

Council passed the following motion:

    Peachland Council strongly encourage all who are able to donate to the Peachland Foodbank to help them fulfil their mission to provide food on the table and brighten Christmas for the many families who rely on them.

Those who can, please consider a cash donation. The money can be levered to provide more value, but Foodbank organizers said they would welcome donations of bubbly things (anything you wash with, dish, laundry, shampoo, cleanser) or spicy things (salt, pepper, garlic salt, condiments, salsa). Donations can be made to Peachland Food Bank - Virtual Donation.

Housing Needs Assessment

Council endorsed the District of Peachland Housing Needs Assessment, prepared by Urban Systems Ltd. Provincial requirements mean municipalities must collect data, analyze trends and present reports that describe current and anticipate housing needs of the community. This assessment will help inform and support the completion of Peachlandís Downtown Revitalization Implementation Strategy, the Peachland Complete Communities Assessment, and other land use and housing initiatives outlined in the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan.

Peachlandís Policing Report

Council received a report from S.Sgt. Duncan Dixon on policing in Peachland in the past quarter. Peachland continues to enjoy a low crime rate compared to other municipalities in the Central Okanagan. Council presented S.Sgt. Dixon with a token of its appreciation for his service to the community as he is moving to another position in the RCMP.

Development Application Prioritization

A policy to help prioritize development applications in Peachland was adopted by Council, with the intent to prioritize applications that will lead to new housing in the community. The Development Application Prioritization Policy indicates that top priority applications are expedited based on an applicantís commitment to provide an identified community objective including attainable housing, affordable housing, or downtown revitalization. The expectation is that the commitment be secured in some manner, for example through a covenant or a housing agreement, in order to qualify as a Priority One development application. Priority Two applications essentially follow the status quo in that each file is processed based generally on how quickly the application is intended to create new housing. And lastly, Priority Three applications are those that propose to amend the Official Community Plan.

Centennial Walkway Extension

Council received a report on the extension of the Centennial Walkway on Beach Avenue north of 13 Street to Todd Road. Council will consider allocating $100,000 from the Growing Community Fund to effectively extend the walkway on Beach Avenue from 13th Street to Todd Road with interim improvements. The cost to extend Centennial Wayís multi-use pathway was estimated at $3 million in 2015. Peachland would need significant development contributions or grant money to continue the pathway to Todd Road. Instead, the less expensive, interim measure, will be undertaken in 2024 and will include new paint lines, delineators plus an asphalt curb, no-post barriers or garden boxes to create a pathway on the Lake side of Beach Avenue. If Council approves the proposed budget during upcoming deliberations, various interim solutions will be discussed prior to an open house to hear feedback from the community.

In Camera Rise and Report Ė Child Care BC New Spaces Fund

Mayor Patrick Van Minsel rose and reported that, at an In-Camera Meeting earlier in the evening, Council agreed to direct Administration to apply for funding through the Child Care BC New Spaces Fund for a new childcare facility in Peachland and to acquire lands to accommodate a child care facility.

In Camera Rise and Report Ė Committee Appointment Mayor Patrick Van Minsel rose and reported that Council agreed to appoint Ms. Ethel Johnston and Mr. William Bill Aylesworth to the Peachland Climate Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force.


Next Council Meeting

On December 5, 2023, Peachland Council will hold two meetings, a Committee of the Whole Meeting beginning at 9 am to conduct a 2024 Provisional Budget Review and a Regular Meeting beginning at 6 pm. Keep informed; subscribe to get news and event information emailed directly to you at Find webcasts of past meetings at