Council Highlights January 24, 2024

Council Highlights


January 23, 2024

Rise and Report Ė DRIS Committee

Council agreed during an In Camera Meeting on Tuesday, January 23, 2024 to rise and report the following:

    THAT Council amend the Development Revitalization Implementation Strategy Terms of Reference to increase the number of resident members from five to seven.

Council agreed that two members who were appointed to the committee as alternates in December, Linda Craven and Graham Todd, will be added as the new resident members and Deb Maxwell and Ken Janes will be appointed to the committee as the new alternates.

Tree Protection Bylaw Ė FireSmart Initiative

Council adopted a Tree Protection Bylaw and accompanying enforcement and licensing bylaw amendments. The new bylaw sets out regulations for tree removal and requirements for replanting. This bylaw supports the Peachland Fire Departmentís FireSmart program ensuring replacement trees do not further compound the existing problem with planting coniferous trees within the non-combustible zone of a structure. The bylaw also supports residents trying to incorporate FireSmart principles by exempting them from the permit process when completing activities within the immediate zone around structures.

Development Services 2023 Highlights

Council reviewed a report on Planning and Development Services Department highlights since the adoption of a new Development Application Procedures Bylaw. Council will receive periodic updates, particularly related to impacts from changes in the new bylaw. Council was advised:
  • 38 development applications are currently in stream.
  • 20 were approved/adopted in 2023.
  • One minor variance permit through the new delegated authority granted by the bylaw.
  • No zoning amendments were advanced without a public hearing.

The department indicated that it is in the final stages of the Development Application Process Review and other projects are underway including the Downtown Revitalization Implementation Strategy, the Complete Communities Assessment, and the Official Community Plan Mapping amendment. Other projects are on the departmentís radar including zoning amendments needed due to provincially mandated changes and a framework review for Peachlandís short-term rental regulations.

Strategic Communications Plan

Council received information on a Strategic Communications Plan developed for the organization. The plan outlines strategic communications priorities and recommended actions to meet these goals over a two-year timeframe. Influenced by Councilís, Mission, Vision and Values, the planís action items include:
  • Develop a new, user-friendly, accessible website.
  • Develop a Visual Standards & Branding Guide.
  • Increase local advertising.
  • Conduct a Citizensí Survey.
  • Hold engaging contest to increase photo inventory and e-notification subscribers.
  • Train and engage with the regional emergency program for crisis communications.

The plan intends to build a framework that leverages existing strengths and encourages new opportunities for citizens to engage with the District.


Upcoming Committee Meetings

The first meeting of the Downtown Revitalization & Implementation Strategy Task Force will be on Thursday, January 25 beginning at 2 pm in Council Chambers, Peachland Community Centre 4450 6th Street.

The first meeting of the Climate Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force is also on Thursday, January 25, beginning at 6 pm.

Next Council Meeting

The next Regular Meeting of Peachland Council is on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, beginning at 6 pm. Council meetings are open to the public and webcast live. Find the full schedule by visiting Find webcasts of past meetings at Keep informed; subscribe to get news and event information emailed directly to you at