Council Highlights April 9, 2024



April 9, 2024

2024 Parcel Tax Bylaws

Council adopted the following Parcel Tax bylaws as part of 2024 Budget proceedings:
  • $40.48 - Regional District of Central Okanagan Westside Regional Transfer Station Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2413, 2024 – for the provision of the transfer station service in West Kelowna available for Peachland residents.
  • $129.07 - Phase 1-D and Phase 2 Sewer Collection Specified Areas Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2414, 2024 – to facilitate repayment of debt by 2023.
  • $199.60 - Water Treatment Plant Debt Servicing Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2415, 2024 - this is a 25-year debt undertaken in 2022.
  • $50.00 - New Fire Hall Project Implementation Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2416, 2024 - a new parcel tax to finance the planning and design phase of the new fire hall.
Four debts have now been fully recovered and were not included as parcel taxes in 2024 - Downtown Revitalization, Turner Park Debt Servicing, Beach Avenue Sewer Collection System and Sewer Force Main.

Four parcel taxes will be transferred to the General Tax levy. The parcel taxes were put in place to build reserves for asset renewal and capital expenditures. These are ongoing needs and should be levied based on property assessments, in line with the Community Charter. The General Capital Asset Renewal, Sewer Capital Asset Renewal, Water Capital Asset Renewal and Water Capital Improvement parcel taxes will be transferred to general taxes for 2024.

Liquor License Jac’s On The Beach

Council gave their approval, and extended the hours, for a liquor license application for a new restaurant in downtown Peachland, Jac’s On The Beach. The owner’s application for a Food Primary Liquor Licence through BC Liquor and Cannabis Licencing for the restaurant at 5866 Beach Avenue was referred to the District for consideration of any issues related to zoning, noise impacts, or other general community concerns with the application. Council saw no issues and will send their approval and recommendation that requested operating hours for the new restaurant be extended to 11 pm. Note: amended to 11pm for liquor and 12am for closing.

Communications Policies

Council approved two corporate communications policies, Corporate Communications Policy PUB-180 and Social Media Policy PUB-185. Both policies establish guidelines for consistent and effective communications by the District of Peachland with the overarching intent to provide timely, transparent, accurate, consistent and appropriate information to Peachland’s stakeholders and encourage involvement in local government.

Peachland Elementary Students Making Changes!

Council received a package of letters at its meeting on March 26 from Grade 3 and 4 Peachland Elementary students who had noticed a need for a garbage receptacle on Clements Crescent. Council, and the District’s Operations Department, agreed to place a garbage at that location as a pilot for one year and it will be added to the District’s maintenance rotation.

New Playground Design Picked by Students

Council also took a decision to the students of Peachland Elementary and were rewarded with a resounding vote on the top playground design for Turner Park. Students took part in a DOT-MOCRACY, voting by using stickers, on three potential designs for the playground in Turner Park, currently closed as new turf is established. A new playground is included in the upgrades that are underway in the park. Students overwhelmingly voted in favour of one design in particular. Council enthusiastically supported the students’ choice.

Next Council Meeting

The next Regular Meeting of Peachland Council is on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, beginning at 6 pm. Council meetings are open to the public and webcast live. Find the full schedule by visiting Find webcasts of past meetings at Keep informed; subscribe to get news and event information emailed directly to you at