Council Highlights May 7, 2024



Code of Conduct Bylaw

Council adopted the Peachlandís Council Code of Conduct Bylaw which defines the ethical standards and expectations for behaviour of Council members in their official capacity, ensures transparency and accountability and provides mechanisms for addressing conflicts. While existing legislation and policies outline general expectations for Council membersí conduct, a dedicated bylaw offers a comprehensive set of principles and guidelines tailored to the unique context of Peachland.

2024 Financial Plan Bylaw & 2024 Tax Rates Bylaw

Council adopted the 2024 Financial Plan Bylaw and the 2024 Tax Rates Bylaw with a tax increase of 7.74 per cent which represents approximately $120.14 more for the typical Peachland home assessed at $884,000.

The budget includes the following new major capital projects:
  • $600,000 for road remediation projects
  • $910,000 for Turner Park Improvements
  • $100,000 for Sanderson Dog Park
  • $81,000 for Fire department equipment
  • $109,200 for Dock pilings and boat launch works
  • $160,000 for Active Transportation Network and pathways
  • $67,000 for website upgrade, plotter, and server
  • $650,000 for Bonnie Lane pressure reducing station
  • $145,000 for Law Street Reservoir backup generator

Peachlandís Approach to Provincial Zoning Changes

Council received a report from the Planning and Development Services department on how provincial zoning legislation changes will affect Peachland and the Districtís approach to meeting new requirements. In November 2023, Bill 44, the Housing Statutes (Residential Development Amendment Act) was introduced requiring local governments to update zoning bylaws to allow small-scale, multi-unit housing (SSMUH) on existing residential lots, update housing reports, official community plans (OCP) and zoning bylaws and remove the requirements for public hearings for housing-related projects consistent with OCPs. Through the SSMUH legislation the Provincial Government aims to increase housing supply, create more diverse housing choices and, over time, contribute to improved affordability of housing across the province.

Zoning bylaws must be updated by June 30, 2024, OCPs by December 31, 2025. Peachland already has a recent Housing Needs Assessment so is not required to update that this year. SSMUH, also referred to as infill housing or missing middle housing, includes a wide range of possible housing types on a single lot, ie: secondary suites, garden suites, triplexes, townhomes, etc.

The legislation creates different categories that require from 2 to 6 housing units to be permitted on each lot. The exact number is based on community size, location of urban containment boundaries, lot size, availability of servicing, and proximity to frequent public transit. In Peachland, approximately 51% of the properties captured by the new legislation require no further zoning changes as they already permit a single-detached house and secondary suite; they are typically large lots with no municipal water or sewer service. The remaining 49% impacted will have zoning updated to allow at least four housing units. Approximately 1,013 lots fall in this category, the vast majority of which are zoned R1. Council was shown a breakdown of neighbourhood distribution of impacted lots.

Peachlandís approach to introducing zoning changes intends to maintain some consistency with the built form of existing neighbourhoods. A neighbourhood-based approach is proposed, which generally follows the existing land use designations in the OCP and largely maintains the existing height and setback parameters of the Zoning Bylaw

The detailed Council report can be found here: May 7 2024 Council Report - PDS

2023 Audited Financial Statements

Council accepted the December 31, 2023, Audited Financial Statements, prepared by external Auditors Grant Thornton as required under section 167 of the Community Charter. Earlier in the day, the Districtís Audit Committee met with the auditors to review the audit report.

Next Council Meeting

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