Council Highlights June 25, 2024


June 25, 2024

Lipsett Avenue Rezoning Application

Council gave first and second readings of a Zoning Amendment Bylaw to rezone 6137 and 6147 Lipsett Avenue from RR1 Rural Residential to RM4 Multi-Unit Residential – Medium Density to facilitate the development of a 34 multi-family residential units. The application will be scheduled for third reading and then final adoption once the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure gives approval and several covenants are registered including:

  • minimum setback of 6.0 m (19.7ft) setback for buildings from the front lot line,
  • maximum building height of 12.0m (39.4ft),
  • maximum number of units is 34; 10% of the units to include flex units,
  • installation of intersection ahead sign on Princeton Avenue,
  • signage and improvements for a 3-way stop at the Lipsett Avenue and Aitkens Road intersection,
  • a Community Amenity Contribution of an estimated $64,000 payable at the time of building permit.

The detailed report information including site map and public comments received can be found at June 25, 2024 Council Meeting

Renfrew Road Rezoning Application

Council gave first three readings to a Zoning Amendment Bylaw to rezone6446 Renfrew Road from RR1 Rural Residential to RM3 Multi-unit Residential-Low Density to facilitate a 31-unit multi-family residential development. The application will be scheduled for final adoption once lands identified for the 18m-wide road extension connecting Stuart Crescent North and Stuart Crescent South through the subject property are dedicated to the District of Peachland and registration of covenants including:

  • a Community Amenity Contribution covenant of an estimated $ payable at the time of building permit issuance,
  • off-site improvements to be completed at the time of development including trail enhancement works within Renfrew Road Park, a staircase to gain elevation to Stuart Crescent from the east to west, raised crosswalk for trail crossing at Stuart Crescent and signage,
  • Renfrew Road frontage improvements
  • road works to provide a complete connection of Stuart Crescent North and Stuart Crescent
  • statuary Right-of-way for sanitary and storm main extensions from Stuart Crescent to Renfrew Road.

The detailed report information including site map and public comments received can be found at June 25, 2024 Council Meeting

Provincial Housing Legislation - Zoning Amendment Bylaw

Council adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2422, 2024 which incorporated the following amendments approved at third reading on June 11, to:

1. leave Site Coverage as currently written in R1 and RM2 zones for only Single Detached Homes; and

2. increase Front Yard Set Back for R1 and RM2 zones to 6 metres.

All local governments must adopt Small Scale Multi Unit Housing (SSMUH)-related zoning changes by June 30, 2024 to comply with new provincial legislation intended to increase housing supply. In Peachland, 1,013 lots are rezoned to meet requirements to allow at least four housing units. Uptake of this housing form is expected to be gradual. It is estimated that an additional 8 to 20 housing units (4 – 5 lots) per year over coming years (above current growth projections) may result. A report will be brought forward no later than June 2026 with details on the impacts of the new SSMUH zoning and any uptake in new units observed. Visit to view the Council discussion and find the comprehensive planning report with maps of the zoning changes at June 25, 2024 Council Meeting.

Annual Report & Statement of Financial Information

Council approved the 2023 Annual Report includes audited financial statements for January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 as well as objectives and measurements that are tied to Council’s Strategic Priorities and Financial Plans. Council also received the 2023 Statement of Financial Information which provides information on Council and employee remuneration and expenses and a listing of payments over $75,000 during the period of January 1 to December 31, 2023.

Pickleball Investment

Council agreed to proceed with planning new outdoor pickleball courts for Lambly Park using budgeted funds of $200,000, removing the requirement for the Peachland Pickleball Society to raise matching funds. The society is still encouraged to fundraise to contribute to the costs associated with constructing four courts and related infrastructure. Council directed that a public open house be held to gather input but will proceed with applying for approval from the Ministry of Transportation for new courts at Lambly Park which is adjacent to Highway 97.

Next Council Meeting

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