What To Know Before You Start


  • BUILDING DESIGN - Use this map or check with the Building Inspector to determine if you are within the 10-minute Fire Response Area, as that information will help you to design your building, determine the construction details, amount of unprotected openings you can have in a wall, and the distance you need to be away from the property line with your building.
  • ZONING - Check the Zoning Bylaw to ensure the zoning allows the intended use.
  • RESTRICTIONS - Check the Zoning Bylaw for the required setbacks, maximum height of building, and site coverage.
  • DEVELOPMENT PERMIT AREAS - Check with the Planning & Development Department or use the GIS to identify any potential development permit areas that may apply to the property. If the property is in an identified development permit area, an approved development permit may be required before a building permit can be issued.
  • SERVICES - Check with Operations Department for location of water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer.
  • LAND TITLE - Check with the Land Titles Office for a copy of your Title Certificate and for any covenant, easement, right-of way, etc. registered on the land title.
  • SEPTIC SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEM and POTABLE WATER SOURCE - Check with Interior Health if no municipal water and/or sanitary sewer is available to your property.

    You can find out a lot of property information using the Geographic Information System (GIS) found on the District of Peachland website. You will find recent and past mapping imagery, and information on the subject property, legal description, assessment, in addition to zoning and development permit information. You can even see what day the Waste Collection is scheduled for.